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Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo has announced yet another set of new routes in its domestic sector, this time from Pune.

These scheduled flights will operate between Pune to Jodhpur, Rajkot and Vadodara. Pune has been witnessing massive growth in the IT sector with many tech parks already present in the city and with few coming upcoming there is tremendous potential and like usual IndiGo is tapping in to meet the demand.

Pune Expansion

Pune to Rajkot has been operational since July 3rd, airline is flying this sector currently 6 times a week excluding Saturdays.

Pune to Vadodara also has been operational since 3rd July but the airline is flying currently only 5 weekly flights on this route with the exclusion being on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Similarly, Pune to Jodhpur has been operational since June 16th and has a frequency of 5 times weekly with exclusions being on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

“These new connections will not only promote interstate mobility and connectivity but also contribute to the socioeconomic and cultural growth of the country. We will continue to enhance domestic connectivity and uphold our commitment to providing an affordable, on-time, courteous, and hassle-free travel experience across our extensive network.” Said Vinay Malhotra Head of Sales at IndiGo.

IndiGo’s Rapid Expansion

Recently IndiGo placed its own mega order with Airbus at the Paris air show and the airline is on the right path of expansion. Many wonder how will Indigo handle so many aircraft and if the country has enough infrastructure to handle such a huge amount of aircraft’s should keep in mind that most of these aircraft will be replacing the old aircraft as IndiGo never keeps an aircraft for too long hence these will be mostly a replacement for the existing ones. Recently their breakdown of the mega 500 aircraft order was revealed, IndiGo has ordered 125 A320neo aircraft and 375 A321neo aircraft.

The higher number of A321 aircraft clearly indicates how aggressively the airline plans its strategy as this type of aircraft not only provides additional range which it could use for some domestic sectors but can also seat more passengers than the A320.

Sooner or later IndiGo will have more A321 than A320s. IndiGo has always been aggressive against its competitors as well such that many a time it has offered deep discounted airfares just to become the sole player on routes.

Recently example observed was on BLR-MAA route, when Akasa initially announced this sector, IndiGo added flights right before and after the scheduled Akasa flight.

The new LCC offered deeply discounted airfares in this sector to beat IndiGo on price point but then again IndiGo offered even low airfares such was the competition that at times fare difference was a mere ₹2 and finally Akasa gave up and wrapped up its operations on this sector. 

IndiGo has always been known for its on-time performance and cheap airfares. 

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