IndiGo increases Uzbekistan presence, adding Almaty services

An IndiGo Airbus approaches with wheels down.
Laurent ERRERA from L'Union, France, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

IndiGo, India’s major low-cost airline, has unveiled its plans to launch a new flight route between Almaty and Delhi, commencing operations on September 23, 2023.

News of the proposed Almaty service follows in the wake of an announcement by the airline to commence operations to Tashkent, and further bolsters the carrier’s presence in Central Asia.

Strengthening presence in Uzbekistan

As part of IndiGo’s strategic expansion, this route not only strengthens the airline’s international network but also deepens the ties between India and Kazakhstan.

Commencing operations on September 22, IndiGo recently announced its decision to operate four weekly non-stop flights connecting Delhi and the Uzbekistan capital of Tashkent.

With Almaty now being designated as IndiGo’s 32nd international destination and the 111th overall station in its extensive 6E network, this development marks a further milestone in enhancing connectivity and fostering economic growth in the Central Asian region.

A Gateway to Central Asia

The introduction of the Almaty-Delhi route serves as a bridge between the bustling Indian capital and the vibrant city of Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis.

Renowned as Central Asia’s prominent financial center, Almaty is a hub of economic activities, making it an attractive destination for business and leisure travelers alike.


This strategic move by IndiGo underscores the airline’s commitment to offering travelers convenient

Mr. Vinay Malhotra, the Head of Global Sales at IndiGo, spoke on behalf of the carrier on the announcement of the newly established route.

He emphasized the significance of this connection in opening access to Kazakhstan, one of the world’s largest countries.

With a focus on providing exceptional travel experiences, IndiGo aims to cater to the interests of leisure travelers who are eager to explore Kazakhstan’s architectural marvels and soak in its vibrant city ambiance.

Almaty’s position as a major commercial, financial, and cultural center further reinforces the potential for trade, commerce, and tourism growth. By expanding its network, IndiGo aims to contribute to the economic and cultural exchange between India and Kazakhstan.

Almaty: ‘City of Apples’

Almaty, often referred to as the “City of Apples,” boasts a unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm. Nestled against the backdrop of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, the city offers breathtaking landscapes that captivate the senses.

Among its notable attractions, the Medeu ice-skating rink and the Shymbulak ski resort stand out as popular choices for both locals and visitors. These sites not only provide recreational opportunities but also showcase the city’s ability to cater to diverse interests.

Beyond its picturesque landscapes, Almaty holds a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. Museums, theaters, and parks dot the city, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in its history and arts.

As a key economic hub in Central Asia, Almaty is home to thriving industries such as finance, technology, education, and tourism.

This economic diversity creates a dynamic atmosphere that reflects the city’s evolution over the years.


The move into the Central Asian region comes as the latest in a round of announcements by the Indian low-cost airline. IndiGo has certainly maintain a proactive position with respect to opening up both regional and international connectivity.

As of September, the carrier’s presence in Uzbekistan will increase with operations into both key centres of Almaty and Tashkent.

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