IndiGo Expands its Codeshare Agreement with Qantas

An IndiGo Airbus A321 climbs after takeoff.
Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Major Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo has announced 11 new connections under an extended codeshare agreement with Qantas Airways.

The expanded codeshare agreement with the Australian national carrier will come into effect from March 31, 2024.

This development opens up further travel opportunities for passengers between the two countries, across major tourist and economic hubs.

With ticket sales now opened from March 12, 2024, travelers can now explore Australia’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cities with ease.

Expanding Horizons: New Connections

Under the extended codeshare agreement, IndiGo customers gain access to an expanded Australian network. This covers prominent Australian destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Perth.

This strategic partnership not only caters to the growing demand for international travel but also enhances the overall travel experience for passengers.

Seamless Travel Experience

With these new codeshare connections, passengers can continue their journey within Australia on Qantas-operated domestic flights to three additional cities—Adelaide, Canberra, and Gold Coast.

This boost in connectivity provides Indian tourists, as well as business and leisure travelers, with more options to explore diverse destinations across Australia. This is particularly beneficial with the Northern summer season approaching.

Qantas jets parked at Sydney Airport.
Bidgee, CC BY-SA 3.0 AU, via Wikimedia Commons

IndiGo Comments

Mr. Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales at IndiGo, expressed his enthusiasm about the increased collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce these new connections within Australia, in partnership with Qantas.”

“This codeshare agreement not only expands our passengers’ travel options but also strengthens our international presence.”

“IndiGo remains committed to delivering affordable, on-time, and hassle-free travel experiences across an unparalleled network,” he concluded.

The collaboration between IndiGo and Qantas Airways underscores the strong bilateral ties between India and Australia, furthering economic cooperation and trade relations.

This partnership aligns with the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement. It reflects the mutual commitment to fostering closer ties between the two nations.

IndiGo A320

Past Collaborations and Future Prospects

This recent agreement builds upon the successful partnership established between Qantas and IndiGo in 2022, which facilitated seamless connectivity between Australia and India.

The ongoing collaboration aims to enhance the travel experience for passengers while promoting tourism and trade between the two countries.

Notably, IndiGo’s previous announcement in November 2023 highlighted connections to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. This also took place under the existing codeshare partnership with Qantas Airways.

Rising Popularity: India-Australia Flights

Passenger numbers are on a rise, with a recorded 40% jump in Indian visitors to Australia in the year to November 2023.

This vigorous growth reflects a post-pandemic travel boom, with both India and Australia experiencing a strong rebound in domestic air travel, inching closer to pre-pandemic levels.

This surge in travel popularity can be attributed to several factors. Flourishing economies in both countries are putting more travel-friendly money in people’s pockets.

Additionally, collaborations between Indian and Australian airlines, such as IndiGo and Qantas, are making travel between the two nations even more convenient through codeshare agreements.

Let’s not forget the strong cultural ties fostered by the large Indian diaspora in Australia, leading to more frequent family visits across the continents.

While the future looks bright for direct flights, there’s still room for improvement. Currently, travelers often rely on connecting hubs in Southeast Asia to bridge the gap.

This is an area that airlines are actively addressing, so expect to see even more non-stop flights on the horizon.

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