IndiGo, Air India & SpiceJet Fined Due to Disruption

IndiGo, Air India & SpiceJet Fined Due to Disruption
Photo sourced from NewsMeter.

It has been revealed that IndiGo, Air India & SpiceJet have all been fined due to disruption that has plagued the region in recent days.

IndiGo has had the worst of it, following pilot assault & passengers eating on the tarmac at Mumbai Airport.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

IndiGo, Air India & SpiceJet Fined Due to Disruption…

IndiGo, Air India & SpiceJet Fined Due to Disruption
Photo sourced from NewsMeter.

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As per NewsBytes, it is understood the following fines have been handed out to the following carriers:

  • IndiGo – 1.2 crores.
  • Air India – 30 lakh.
  • SpiceJet – 30 lakh.

For SpiceJet & Air India, they got fined due to “inadequate preparedness resulting in fog delays, violating and not complying with Aircraft Rules, 1937”.

The fine to IndiGo is another element in the latest of negative events that have occurred within their operations.

Earlier this week, an unruly passenger faced charges and possible placement on a no-fly list after assaulting an IndiGo pilot on a Goa bound flight from Delhi.

The incident, which was captured by a passenger on board a Goa-bound IndiGo flight, occurred when the first officer entered the passenger cabin to announce a delay which resulted from thick fog at Delhi Airport.

The scheduled Delhi to Goa flight, designated 6E2175, had been delayed for several hours due to conditions of thick fog which had lingered over northern India for several days. Clearly the delay was outside of the control of the airline, however frustrations overflowed following the lengthy delay.

All eyes will be on whether there will be any more incidents that will result in fines for IndiGo, Air India & SpiceJet.

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