IndiGo adds Gondia as 85th domestic destination

An IndiGo flight lands at Gondia airport.
Photo Credit: Praful Patel

India’s low-cost airline IndiGo has spread its wings to Gondia, Maharashtra. Effective December 01 2023, Gondia became the 85th domestic and 117th overall destination within the extensive 6E network.

The introduction of the Gondia-Hyderabad route is set to streamline interstate accessibility, promising a substantial reduction in travel time and increased regional connectivity.

Welcoming Gondia to the IndiGo Network

IndiGo’s Head of Global Sales, Mr. Vinay Malhotra, spoke on behalf of the airline at the commencement of operations to and from Gondia, the airline’s 8th destination in Maharashtra and 85th in India.

“This move not only enhances interstate connectivity but also catalyzes economic growth, trade, and regional development,” explained Mr Malhotra.

“By facilitating direct connectivity to Gondia, we are also enhancing accessibility to neighbouring states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh,” he furthered.

Photo Credit: IndiGo


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The new connection between Gondia and Hyderabad goes beyond the linking of the two cities. It’s a strategic move to enhance accessibility to neighboring states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

IndiGo’s commitment to providing affordable, on-time, courteous, and hassle-free travel experiences shines through in this expansion.

Gondia: Where Culture Meets Nature

Gondia, a dynamic city in Maharashtra, is celebrated for its lush green landscapes and deep-rooted connection with nature.

Its unique cultural blend, woven from diverse traditions, creates a serene environment, making it a destination of choice for a diverse population seeking a peaceful retreat.

Primarily agrarian, Gondia’s economy thrives on agriculture and forestry, serving as crucial sources of livelihood.

The city’s traditional arts and crafts further add to its charm, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a unique and culturally rich experience.

Hyderabad: A Tapestry of History and Innovation

Hyderabad, the vibrant metropolis, seamlessly integrates its rich history with a dynamic present. The iconic Charminar and Golconda Fort stand as testaments to the city’s cultural legacy, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Beyond its historical charm, Hyderabad stands tall as a hub for information technology and pharmaceutical industries.

Home to major tech businesses and research institutions, the city embodies a blend of old-world beauty and modernity, drawing visitors globally.

About IndiGo

IndiGo is amongst the fastest-growing low-cost carriers in the world. IndiGo has a simple philosophy: offer fares that are affordable, flights that are on time, and provide a courteous and hassle-free travel experience across its unparalleled network.

With its fleet of 330+ aircraft, the airline is operating 2000+ daily flights and connecting 85 domestic destinations and 32 international destinations.

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