India’s Go First Criticised For Bizarre Incident

A Go First aircraft on the taxiway
Nisarg Vyas (GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2 ), via Wikimedia Commons

In a recent list of bizarre incidents reported in the Indian aviation industry, Go First recently experienced one of these, wherein a pilot who was supposed to fly Go First’s flight G8 345 to Delhi international airport from Mumbai was at the last minute moved to fly another route.

This incident attracted criticism from passengers sitting inside the flight, who were allegedly made to sit almost an hour inside the aircraft after the crew informed them that pilot isn’t “Available” and they are waiting for an alternate arrangement from the airline.

An IAS officer who wasn’t present on the aircraft slammed the airlines for failing to provide basic service or information to the passengers.

Along with the tweet, the officer also attached an image of passngers seated in the aircraft waiting for the pilot to arrive.


Though Go First’s media handle immediately replied saying, “Hi Sonal, we hear you and apologize for the delay that you have experienced. We work hard to run an on-time airline.”

“However, unforeseen events sometimes challenge us. Sorry, this happened with your flight. In the future, with the harder your expectations”.

Though clearly this reply did not pacify the agitated passenger nor did it give any solution to the issue at hand, the officer also said in her series of threads that the flight took off only after 2 hours delay, and during this time, all the passengers were sitting inside the aircraft with no answer from the crew, and the cabin crew only handed out water to the passengers and no refreshments were provided to the affected passengers.

G8 345 was scheduled to depart at 10:30 pm IST on 07th April 2023 but took off at 12:16 am IST (i.e., the next day) and arrived at 01:41 am IST at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, though no onward delay was expected as the aircraft involved (VT-WGH) had a night layover at Delhi and would fly Delhi-Kolkata sector the next morning.

VT-WGH was delivered to Go Air (formerly known name) in May 2021 and has been with the airline ever since, this A320neo is one of the few aircraft which are not grounded due to engine issues.

As reported in our previous article, Go First is suffering due to the issues with P&W engines and has half of its fleet grounded.

The situation is such that the airline had to forcefully cut down its scheduled flights for the summer schedule of 2023, where every airline in the country is increasing its no.of flights in this schedule (most Indians fly for vacations or visit new places in summer) Go First is forced to rescue its flights.

This isn’t the first such bizarre incident from Go First recently, the airline forgot to board approx. 50 passengers onto their flight and the aircraft left without them, but with their check-in luggage, last year in November, the airline was already under investigation by DGCA for frequent cancellations and flight delays.

Article produced by Gaurav Gowda.

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