In-Flight Meal With A Twist: British Airways Serves KFC

In-Flight Meal With A Twist: British Airways Serves KFC, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In a very bizarre twist due to issues with catering, the in-flight meal on a British Airways between Nassau and London Heathrow was: KFC!

In-Flight Meal With A Twist: British Airways Serves KFC
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As per data from RadarBox, this instance with KFC happened on July 23 under the guise of BA252 from Nassau to London Heathrow.


British Airways flight BA252 departed from Nassau at 2227 local time and arrived successfully at London Heathrow at 1209 local the next day.

The flight was operated by G-VIIN, the 24-year-old Boeing 777-200 that regularly frequents that route.

That particular 777 sits eight people in first class, 49 in Business, 40 in Premium Economy and 138 in Economy.

It is understood that the aircraft’s catering carts were not properly chilled, resulting in all of the food having to be thrown out.

Scenes From Onboard The Flight: KFC Onboard a British Airways Flight!

Video Credit: BNN Breaking via YouTube.

It is understood that all classes of passengers, be it Economy or Business Class, were served the same thing: Buckets of chicken from KFC.

As for the British Airways Boeing 777-200 involved in its catering issues, the problem was fixed quickly, as the aircraft has done the same rotation again in the last few days, with this incident occurring on July 23.

Overall, it is quite a bizarre incident involving KFC buckets of chicken, but definitely shows the effort made by the crew onboard to ensure that passengers were fed for the flight back to London.

This is a developing story. More to follow in due course.

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