Icelandair signs contracts for two additional Airbus A321 aircraft

An Icelandair Airbus A321XLR in flight
Photo Credit: Icelandair.

Icelandair has recently inked long-term lease agreements with CDB Aviation for two Airbus A321LR aircraft.

Slated for delivery in the latter half of 2025, these additions further Icelandair’s ongoing commitment to fleet modernization and sustainability.

The Airbus A321LR and XLR

Icelandair previously entered into a contract with Airbus in July 2023 for up to 25 Airbus A321XLR aircraft.

This agreement was complemented by securing long-term lease agreements for an additional five A321LR aircraft.

The integration of these advanced aircraft is part of Icelandair’s broader strategy to phase out its aging Boeing 757 fleet.

Timeline of Deliveries

The eagerly awaited A321LR aircraft are set to commence deliveries later this year, while the A321XLR deliveries are scheduled to commence in 2029.

This phased introduction aligns with Icelandair’s meticulous fleet renewal plan, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal utilization of these cutting-edge Airbus models.


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Icelandair CEO’s Perspective

In an official statement, Bogi Nils Bogason, the President and CEO of Icelandair, expressed enthusiasm about the recent developments and shared insights into the airline’s future trajectory.

Bogason stated, “We continue our fleet renewal and are very pleased to announce the lease of two new aircraft from CDB Aviation, expanding our business relationship with the company.”

“We have already started entry into service preparation for these efficient aircraft that will replace our Boeing 757’s.”

Efficiency and Sustainability

Highlighting the broader impact of this strategic move, Bogason emphasized that the Airbus A321LR and XLR aircraft are not just replacements but enablers of exciting opportunities.

These new additions will open doors to explore new destinations while furthering Icelandair’s commitment to sustainability.

The shift to Airbus A321LR and XLR models positions Icelandair to meet the evolving challenges of the aviation industry.

With increased fuel efficiency, advanced technology, and extended range capabilities, these aircraft will not only enhance operational performance but also contribute to the airline’s sustainability goals.

Future Outlook

Icelandair’s strategic investment in the A321LR and XLR aircraft underscores its commitment to expanding its route network.

The extended range of these aircraft unlocks possibilities for reaching new destinations, providing passengers with a broader array of travel options.

The introduction of modern, fuel-efficient aircraft aligns with Icelandair’s dedication to offering a superior passenger experience.

From increased comfort to reduced environmental impact, these Airbus models signify a paradigm shift in the airline’s commitment to excellence.

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