Iberia to boost Latin American and US flights for Summer 2024

And Iberia Airbus A350 climbs out after takeoff.
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Iberia has laid out its proposed scheduling for the summer 2024 season, showing a strong focus on Latin America and US connectivity.

The carrier will deliver a record number of flights to Latin America, with up to 328 weekly flights tabled. Iberia will also expand its flights to the United States and will offer expanded connectivity in short- and medium-haul destinations. 

Latin America Focus

Iberia’s focus on Latin America will continue, with the airline set to increase its number of weekly flights to many of the 18 destinations across 16 Latin American countries.

This expansion translates to more than 3.1 million seats available during the summer months, bridging the gap between both regions.

Argentina: Buenos Aires Gets a Boost

Iberia is set to bolster its presence in Argentina with a significant increase in flight frequencies. Three additional frequencies will be introduced, resulting in a total of 17 weekly flights connecting Madrid and Buenos Aires.

With the Argentinean capital enjoying three daily flights on select days of the week, it’s evident that Iberia is enhancing connectivity.


Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo

In the upcoming summer season, Rio de Janeiro will see a substantial increase in flights. With six weekly frequencies in June, July, August, and September, it’s a fantastic opportunity for travelers.

Additionally, three new frequencies to Sao Paulo will complement the existing daily flight, resulting in a total of ten weekly frequencies, making Brazil a prime destination for Iberia.

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Bogotá has been a standout destination for Iberia in 2023, and this commitment continues into the next year.

A total of 21 weekly frequencies, equivalent to three daily flights, will be on offer during the summer season, further solidifying Iberia’s position in the Colombian capital.


Iberia is committed to maintaining its three daily flights between Mexico City and Madrid, ensuring consistent connectivity between Mexico and Europe with 21 weekly frequencies.


Iberia will uphold the increased flights to the Peruvian capital, providing a total of 13 frequencies per week, including two daily flights, with the exception of Sundays.


Ecuador is in for an enhancement in flight options. An additional weekly flight to Quito will bring the total to seven frequencies, equivalent to one daily flight.

Meanwhile, connections with Guayaquil will see an increase from three to five frequencies between June and September, resulting in a total of 12 weekly frequencies with Spain.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile will experience a significant boost, with three more flights added to the existing seven weekly frequencies from the previous summer. This development brings the total to an impressive 10 frequencies each week.


Iberia’s commitment to Uruguay remains strong, with a daily flight connecting Madrid and Montevideo.

In Central America, Iberia will maintain seven weekly frequencies with Guatemala and El Salvador, while San José de Costa Rica will continue to have one daily flight. Panama will have four weekly frequencies, making travel convenient in this region.

The Caribbean’s Expanding Horizons

The Caribbean destinations will also see improvements. Puerto Rico’s flights will increase from five weekly frequencies to seven, offering travelers more options.

Santo Domingo will maintain its one daily flight, and Havana will continue to have three weekly frequencies.

Venezuela: A Consistent Choice

Iberia is committed to maintaining increased flights to Caracas, with five weekly frequencies during the 2024 summer season.

United States Expansion

Iberia’s expansion extends to the United States, with 126 weekly flights scheduled to eight destinations. Let’s take a closer look at their American routes.

New York and Miami: Double Daily Flights

Iberia will operate two daily flights to New York and two more to Miami, ensuring robust connectivity to these key destinations.

Travelers to and from these cities will have ample choices to suit their schedules.

Chicago, Boston, and Dallas: Daily Flights

Additionally, Iberia will offer one daily flight to Chicago, Boston, and Dallas, making it convenient for passengers traveling to these vibrant American cities.

Los Angeles

For June, July, August, and September, Iberia will increase its frequencies to Los Angeles from five to seven weekly flights.

What makes this expansion even more exciting is that all these flights will be operated by the Airbus A350, the largest aircraft in Iberia’s fleet.

A LEVEL Airbus A330 approaching to land.
Daniel Luis Gómez Adenis from Alcalá de Henares, España, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Washington DC and San Francisco

Iberia is set to reintroduce seasonal routes to Washington DC with four weekly frequencies and three weekly frequencies to San Francisco, catering to the diverse travel needs of its passengers.

Additionally, LEVEL, a subsidiary of Iberia, is stepping in with direct flights from Barcelona to Miami, commencing on March 31.

With three weekly flights (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday), travelers have yet another option to explore the United States.

This addition joins LEVEL’s existing routes between Barcelona and Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Miami, providing a range of choices for passengers.

Short- and Medium-Haul Destinations

Iberia is not just expanding its long-haul offerings but also increasing connectivity in short- and medium-haul destinations. This growth demonstrates their commitment to serving travelers across a wide spectrum.

Tirana: A New Destination

Starting in April, Iberia will introduce Tirana to its list of destinations. Travelers can enjoy three weekly frequencies connecting the Albanian capital with Madrid every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

An Iberia Airbus taxis for takeoff.
Markus Eigenheer, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Year-Round Operations

Iberia is taking the initiative to consolidate several routes that were previously available only during the months of July and August. Starting next summer, these routes will be in operation continuously from April to the end of October.

Some notable examples include Split and Zagreb in Croatia, Catania in Italy, and Ponta Delgada in Portugal.

Croatia: Dubrovnik and Zagreb

Dubrovnik will witness a surge, reaching a maximum of 15 flights per week in August. Zagreb is not far behind, with a maximum of nine frequencies per week in the same month. These developments offer travelers more choices when exploring Croatia.

Italy and Portugal

Iberia is also set to increase operations in Italy and Portugal. Catania, Italy, will see up to nine flights per week in August, while Ponta Delgada in the Azores Islands will offer three weekly flights from Madrid.

Greek Islands and Sardinia

Iberia’s expansion extends to the Greek islands, including Corfu, Mykonos, and Santorini, where flights will be available from May to September.

Additionally, Bergen in Norway will see flights from May to early September, rather than only in July and August.

These efforts add to Iberia’s extensive network of over 100 destinations in Spain and Europe, facilitating diverse travel possibilities for customers in both Latin America and Europe.

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