Hong Kong Airlines resumes Sanya services

A Hong Kong Airlines flight taxis at Sanya Airport.
Photo Credit: Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines and Sanya Phoenix International Airport have celebrated the resumption of daily flights to Sanya, coinciding with the successful relaunch of the airport’s international terminal.

The event, held on July 1st, marked the 26th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and the 29th Anniversary of Phoenix Airport.

Inaugural flight HX161

To commemorate the launch of the new passenger terminal and welcome Hong Kong Airlines’ first flight, a grand celebratory event took place at Phoenix Airport.

The inaugural flight, HX161, carried guests from the travel industry, including senior management from Hong Kong Airlines, Legislative Council member Mr Perry Yiu Pak-Leung, and Assistant Commissioner for Tourism Ms Trinky Chan.

The passengers were warmly welcomed upon their arrival in Sanya, creating a sense of homecoming for everyone involved.

The resumption of Hong Kong Airlines’ daily flights and the opening of the new terminal at Phoenix Airport signify a remarkable recovery for the aviation industry in the post-pandemic era.

These developments not only contribute to the growth of the tourism sector but also stimulate economic activity and strengthen connections between Hong Kong and Hainan. They effectively establish an essential aerial bridge between Hong Kong’s international financial center and Hainan’s free trade port.


Photo Credits: Hong Kong Airlines

Sanya as a key destination

Mr. Hou Wei, Chairman of Hong Kong Airlines, expressed his pride in being the first airline to operate in the newly expanded and modernized international terminal of Phoenix Airport.

He emphasized the significance of Sanya as a key destination for the airline since its inaugural service in 2007. Hong Kong Airlines aims to rebuild its network and strengthen its presence in Hainan.

Mr. Hou Wei expressed confidence in forging stronger bonds between the two regions, contributing to their economic growth by collaborating closely with local authorities and businesses.

The timing of route resumption just before the anniversary celebration of Sanya airport added to the atmosphere of joy and excitement for all involved. As a local carrier, Hong Kong Airlines says that it remains dedicated to offering customers more travel options.

This commitment is reflected in the gradual resumption of services to cover additional destinations, made possible by the recently expanded A330 fleet.

A spokesperson for Sanya Airport highlighted the significance of the resumption of flights between Hong Kong and Sanya for the economic and tourism development of both regions.

They emphasized the airport’s efforts to restore international passenger routes by implementing special protection plans, refining protection details, and conducting preparatory work.

 These measures aim to enhance support capabilities for international flights and port service functions, further promoting the growth of the aviation industry.

Future growth plans

Looking ahead, Hong Kong Airlines plans to increase flight frequency in the coming months of July and August. Passengers can expect a wider range of travel options as the airline operates services to nine destinations in Mainland China and 14 regional destinations.

Hong Kong Airlines says that it will continue to adjust its flight schedule to provide the best travel and transit options for both business and leisure travellers.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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