HK Express rebrands with new corporate identity ‘Gotta Go’

Graphic of an HK Express aircraft with new 'Gotta Go' rebranding
Image Credit: HK Express

LONDON – Hong Kong’s low-cost carrier HK Express aims to become catchier as it rebrands with a new corporate identity ‘Gotta Go’. The airline also looks forward to the delivery of its first Airbus A321neo. 

On 11 January, HK Express, one of Hong Kong’s largest low-cost airlines carrier announced that it will launch a series of rebranding initiatives, ranging from a new corporate identity, and market positioning, to redesigned brand goods.

This includes websites, mobile apps, key visuals, uniforms, and aircraft livery. Popular Hong Kong socialite and actor Jeffrey Ngai was present at the rebranding event launch, a historic milestone event for the low-cost carrier. 

Why now? 

As Hong Kong gradually returns to normality, the airline finds this ‘travel surge’ period to rebrand itself and position itself better in the ever-changing market.

In the beginning days of ‘pre-pandemic’ recovery, in the last quarter of 2022 and the present first quarter of 2023, there are more than 400 flights per week from its hub Hong Kong International Airport.

The low-cost carrier sees this early stage of rebound to rebrand and steers its business and corporate identity to a different demographic. The new design language and brand identity will be more progressive, youthful, fun and bright with: “Gotta Go”.

This name conveys a spontaneous and adventurous name, provoking the free-spirited travel attitude towards the market. This brand represents a market who are dynamic, spontaneous, bold and somewhat tech-savvy. 

HK Express CEO Mandy Ng said: “Three years have passed since the start of the pandemic. Just as travellers have gained new perspectives on travel, so has HK Express.”

“Our refreshed brand concept reflects our zest for adventure and readiness to help like-minded travellers to explore the world on their own terms.” 

Ng furthered:  “I’m equally proud to see HK Express leading the way in shaping a more sustainable and inclusive workplace through the launch of our new uniforms. I can’t wait to see how these bold new uniforms empower our team to delight our customers on the ground and in the skies.”

What has been changed?

With nearly all marketing outputs, the low-cost carrier embarks on a massive overhaul of its visual identity. For instance, its revised logo will resemble its progressive attitude, with a more minimalistic design, including a journey symbol and a re-designed font. 

With the new design identity, this also meant the airline also introduced a new bespoke cabin crew uniform which is more youthful and sharp. The uniform is designed by Mountain Yam, a leading Hong Kong-based sustainable fashion designer. 

The Asia-inspired and minimalist uniforms reflect HK Express’ dynamism, confidence and casual energy. Photo Credit: HK Express

The synergy between Mountain and HK Express

The airline’s top woman commented on the working relationship with Mountain Yam: “I wanted to break the clichés and stereotypes of classic airline uniforms, and infuse innovation into the new uniform collection.”

“Given the unique positioning and service offering of HK Express, this series of smart casual clothing with options for cabin crew to express their unique personality reflects Hong Kong’s renewed vibrancy and optimism.”

New Livery

The new livery reflects a modern Hong Kong, with vibrant shades of purple and white, and the “e” shaped journey symbol on winglets and the empennage reflects a sign of continuity and progressivism. 

Jeffrey Ngai commented on the revamped livery: “It’s simple yet prominent, presenting a clear and defining brand image to all travellers. I like how we both agree about the beauty of simplicity.”

The airline expects the new “Gotta Go” livery to be featured on its first Airbus A321neo aircraft in the first half of 2023.

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