HK Express Inaugurates New Hong Kong-Sanya Route

Airline staff with HK Express aircraft.
Photo Credit: HK Express

Cathay subsidiary HK Express Airways (HK Express) has launched a new leisure travel route. It brings sunshine and affordability to travel with new direct flights between Sanya and Hong Kong.

HK Express has now launched exciting new direct flights between Sanya Phoenix International Airport (SYX) and Hong Kong International Airport.

This convenient and budget-friendly option will operate on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

“Sanya’s stunning beaches have long been a favorite getaway for Hong Kong residents,” said HK Express CEO, Jeanette Mao.

“Our new route provides a fast and easy connection. It also strengthens cultural and tourism ties between Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and Hainan Province. This further cements Hong Kong’s position as a leading international aviation hub.”

HK Express Expands Mainland China Presence

Sanya marks HK Express’ second mainland China destination launch in 2024, following the successful Beijing Daxing route opening in March.

When combined with the existing Ningbo service, HK Express now boasts a comprehensive network spanning northern, eastern, and southern China.

“We’re committed to increasing our presence in mainland China, particularly in emerging cities,” said Jeanette Mao.

“This growth strategy reflects our core values: deep roots in Hong Kong, a proud part of China, and connecting Asia. Our affordable fares and extensive network empower travelers to embrace the ‘Gotta Go’ spirit and explore Asia with ease.”

Sanya: A Picturesque Tropical Paradise

Sanya, nestled on Hainan Island’s southern tip, boasts breathtaking beaches, an inviting climate, crystal-clear waters, and delectable seafood.

In recent years, the city has seen a surge in world-class resorts and attractions. This has served to solidify its status as a year-round vacation destination.

To coincide with the Sanya City Tourism Festival (April-June), HK Express will unveil special discounts on the new route. The move effectively makes this tropical paradise even more accessible.

HK Express Welcomes Individual Visit Scheme Expansion

In related news, HK Express applauds the expansion of the Individual Visit Scheme to more mainland Chinese cities.

This move is expected to boost tourist arrivals in Hong Kong and significantly contribute to the city’s tourism sector’s growth.


The recent inaugural flight ceremony in Sanya, alongside the launch of the Ningbo and Beijing Daxing routes, solidifies HK Express’ commitment to expanding its network across China.

With a focus on unique destinations, increased flight frequencies, and seamless connectivity between Hong Kong, mainland China, and the rest of Asia, HK Express remains dedicated to its core values.

The airline strives to solidify Hong Kong’s position as a global aviation hub and contribute to China’s continued development.

About HK Express 

HK Express is an IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) registered airline. The carrier boasts a reputation as one of the world’s most punctual and safest airlines.

HK Express is ranked third globally and first in Asia for on-time arrival performance among low-cost carriers. The ratings were awarded by Cirium, a leading aviation analytics firm.

It has also received a “7-star safety rating” – the highest honour from This is a renowned independent airline rating review agency worldwide.

As a member of the Cathay Group, HK Express has successfully empowered over 22 million passengers to travel on their own terms since transforming into a low-cost carrier. It is widely trusted and favoured by its customers.

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