Hainan Airlines leases 3 737MAX and 3 A320neo aircraft

Render of Hainan Airlines Airbus and Boeing aircraft.
Image Credit: CDB Aviation

Three 737 MAX 8 and three A320neo leased aircraft from CDB Aviation will support Hainan Airlines to meet rising regional demand.

The two aviation giants have signed lease agreements for three new Boeing 737 MAX 8 and three Airbus A320neo aircraft.

This latest acquisition further propels Hainan Airlines towards its ambitious goal of operating a 1,000-strong fleet by 2029.

CDB Aviation and Hainan Airlines have shared a fruitful partnership for quite some time, and the placement of these six new-generation aircraft serves as a testament to the mutual trust and commitment that both parties have to further their strategic cooperation.

These six new generation aircraft are earmarked to assist the Chinese carrier to meet the groundswell of rising regional demand.

The Vision of Hainan Airlines

As an established player in the aviation industry, Hainan Airlines is setting its sights high. The aim to operate a fleet of 1,000 aircraft by 2029 is a vision that demonstrates their determination and confidence.

With this ambitious target, Hainan Airlines is not only expanding its capacity but also aiming to enhance its position in the global aviation market.


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CDB Aviation, led by its Chief Executive Officer, Jie Chen, plays a pivotal role in making this vision a reality. They are more than ready to support Hainan Airlines in its journey towards expansion.

With an eye on the future, CDB Aviation is confident that the Asian aviation market will witness a robust rebound in air travel from now until the end of 2024.

This confidence is well-founded and supported by their strategic plans to meet the rising demand for aircraft from Chinese and Asian carriers.

Delivery Schedule

The delivery schedule of the new aircraft is well thought out. The three Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft are expected to join Hainan Airlines’ fleet between August and November of the next year, ensuring timely availability to cater to the growing travel demands.

Simultaneously, the three Airbus A320neo aircraft will arrive between October and November, rounding up the additions to their impressive fleet.

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