GlobalX to provide ACMI services to Canada’s Lynx Air

Tailplane of a GlobalX aircraft
Photo Credit: GlobalX.

Global Crossing Airlines Group, operating as “GlobalX”, has reached an agreement to fly under an ACMI contract for Lynx Air in Canada. The ACMI charter contract is to beginning in June 2023 and will remain in effect for 3 months.

“We are honored to provide this additional lift for Lynx as they expand their scheduled air service cross-border into the US from Canada.”

“Lynx is growing and establishing itself as the leading ULCC in the Canadian airline market, and we are proud to work for them,” said Ed Wegel, Chairman and CEO.

Lynx Air network expansion

In September of last year, the new Canadian low-cost carrier first revealed its major expansion plans for the US market.

Starting in 2023, Lynx Air planned to undertake its largest expansion to date in the US market. This year the airline has progressively secured and expanded both its domestic and cross-border reach.

As part of will Lynx Air’s overall network ramp-up, the airline has plans in hand to expand its fleet to 9 brand new Boeing 737 aircraft over the coming months.

By Summer 2023, Lynx will be serving 16 destinations across North America with over 240 flights per week. This equates to a capacity of over 45,000 seats.

About Global Crossing Airlines

GlobalX is a US 121 domestic flag and supplemental Airline flying the Airbus A320 family aircraft. GlobalX flies as a passenger ACMI and charter airline serving the US, Caribbean, European and Latin American markets.

GlobalX is also now operating ACMI cargo services flying the A321 freighter.

ACMI services

Aircraft charter maintenance and insurance (ACMI) services allow a company to lease an entire aircraft, along with its crew, maintenance, and insurance, for a specific period of time.

ACMI services are typically used by airlines, freight forwarders, and other companies that require additional capacity to meet their operational needs.

Maintenance and insurance form two important aspects of ACMI services. The aircraft lessor is responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft and ensuring that it is airworthy and compliant with all applicable regulations.

The lessee is typically responsible for the cost of fuel, crew expenses, and other operational costs during the lease period.

About Lynx Air

Lynx Air (Lynx), Canada’s leading ultra-low-cost airline, is on a mission to make air travel accessible to all, with ultra-affordable fares and a customer-focused flying experience.

In its first year, the airline achieved the lowest cancellation rate in Canada and was awarded Youngest Fleet in North America by ch-aviation.

Lynx operates a brand-new fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, bringing an elevated customer experience to low-cost travel in Canada.

These ultra-efficient and reliable aircraft reduce Lynx’s carbon footprint, making Lynx one of Canada’s most sustainable airlines.

Lynx is a privately owned Canadian airline with the financial backing and industry expertise required to transform the Canadian aviation landscape.

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