GlobalX to fly for Tour Operator CubaMax

Photo Credit: Global Crossing Airlines / GlobalX

GlobalX announced an agreement with CubaMax that will see the airline fly the tour operator to Cuba up to nine times a week.

GlobalX: Cuban Connections

Photo Credit: Global Crossing Airlines / GlobalX

Global Crossing Airlines, marketed as GlobalX, revealed it had partnered with CubaMax to fly the USA and Cuba flights. It was announced this would be on a long-term basis.

The program is expected to be up to nine weekly flights across two key Cuban destinations: Havana and Santa Clara. This is projected to grow to 23 flights per week with an expansion to an additional three cities in Cuba before the end of 2023.

Chair and CEO of GlobalX, Ed Wegel, said: “We are very pleased to be working with CubaMax, one of the largest tour operators to Cuba, and their outstanding team, to provide this much-needed air service for Cuban Americans who need to travel to Cuba, providing an important lifeline for the Cuban people.”

Flights are scheduled to start on 01 April 2023.

The carrier expects the contract to provide it with up to 12 million USD per year in revenue. With the projected expansion to 23 flights per week, the revenue is reported to increase to over 30 million USD per year on the CubaMax contract alone.

New Ambitions


GlobalX is an ACMI and charter airline based in Miami, Florida. It commenced flying during the COVID pandemic in mid-2021. Since then, the airline has operated across the USA, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

It is reported to have completed, and still operating, several contracts for private charters. These include the US Government and Tour Operators in the key market regions.

It has expanded since its inception and now operates a fleet of nine Airbus A320 family aircraft. This year, the airline has also been approved for cargo operations with the addition of an Airbus A320F freighter aircraft. This is a recent conversion of “P2F” (“passenger to freight”) aircraft, commonly used through the pandemic for light and critical cargo transportation in the passenger cabins, such as PPE.

CubaMax Travel is a tour operator specializing in connections between Florida and Cuba, primarily for Cuban Americans. It started operations in 2001. GlobalX has previously performed charter flights to Cuba for other customers.

On the agreement, the Chairman of CubaMax, Giraldo Acosta, said: “We look forward to working with GlobalX, which has quickly established itself as the leading charter airline to Cuba. We are excited to be using their fleet of passenger-friendly Airbus A320s and 321s in this market.”

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