Global Reach Aviation obtains its AOC

A Global Reach Aviation aircraft on the taxiway.
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Announced May 1, and after a long desire for independence, Billund-based Global Reach Aviation has obtained their own Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Previously, the company had been operating under the AOC of Copenhagen AirTaxi, identified as “CAT”.

The received AOC ICAO identifier, as well as callsign, is created in such way to refer to Norse mythology. It also works a signifier to the company’s values and strong recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Own AOC – Its own company

Denmark saw a new Air Operator Certificate (AOC) issued in recent days, as Global Reach Aviation, a Billund-based carrier was issued its own certificate, thus marking the company as a fully independent – a long awaited desire.

“We are incredibly proud that we have come this far with our company,” says Jacob Rasmussen, CEO, owner, and captain of the airline.

“It’s quite an achievement and we are so proud that we now have our own AOC. We are now masters of our own house. This gives us freedom and many opportunities. At the same time, it is a responsibility we have been ready to take on for a long time.” he added.

Toegther with co-owner and captain, Camilla Engelbredt, they both agree a dedicated staff and a consecutive process with the Danish Transport Authority was well needed for the AOC to be issued.

A greatful Camilla Engelbredt further adds to Jacob Rasmussen, CEO, owner, and captain’s comment, saying: “It has always meant a lot to us to be independent of others and do things our way.”

“The way that we feel is best for our guests and employees. It’s a big step to get your own AOC approved, there’s an extensive preparation and documentation process behind it, but here we are today.”


An AOC with meaning

According to Global Reach Aviation themselves, the intention of the company has been to become a “globally encompassing company with lots of good energy and power”, something which can be displayed in their logo, which is a hammer with a circle around it.

Thus, the AOC carries a certain meaning with it, as the hammer comes from Norse mythology and represents Thor. Additionally, the hammer also displays strength, and that is exactly what Global Reach Aviation wants to signal to employees and customers.

The circle in the logo depicts a globe, displaying the reach the new operator has established for itself in within their market niche.

“We do not give up. It is a cornerstone of our company. We have made it through ups and downs, gone come out of the lockdown stronger,” continues Jacob Rasmussen, to which he adds:

“2022 is our best financial year since founding the company, and it is thanks to our skilled and motivated employees that we have managed to recover so well.”

The AOC ICAO identifier and callsign is therefore “HMR” and pronounced “Hammer”, and was wisely chosen as it reflects the company’s values.

“The hammer in the logo is surrounded by a circle, which for us stands for two things. The circle is infinite. We stand for the fact that we keep going, but also that there are endless possibilities.”

“At the same time, a circle embraces and symbolizes the sense of community we want to create for employees and customers.” the company explains in their announcement.

To this, Camilla Engelberg adds: “The One Crew Concept – we’ve been using it for a number of years now, and it’s a concept that works for us. We lean on each other, play off each other’s strengths and support each other when challenges arise. It’s a huge strength,”

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