Global Airlines’ 1970s-Style Poster for London-New York

Global Airlines' 1970s-Style Poster for London-New York
Photo Credit: Global Airlines.

Global Airlines CEO James Asquith has posted a 1970s-style poster advertising their plans to launch services between London and New York with their Airbus A380s.

On Twitter, Asquith said the following:

“Artwork sneak peek – back to the 1970s we go. A beautiful time for aviation”.

Below, you can see the image:

Global Airlines' 1970s-Style Poster for London-New York
Photo Credit: James Asquith/Global Airlines

London-New York & Los Angeles: Plans Are Evolving for Global Airlines

As we saw last month, UK start-up carrier Global Airlines has made its first aircraft purchase, an Airbus A380. Will their proposed model work?

For a carrier who has a website with not much information on it (You can see it by clicking here), it’s purchasing of the superjumbo is a fascinating thing indeed.

That being said, the airline has been very active on Twitter in terms of management announcements and more.


The first unit was purchased from Doric Aviation, based in Germany, although no overall fee has been announced for this.

It is understood that Global Airlines will start operations with three Airbus A380s, with plans of launching services from London Gatwick to New York & Los Angeles.

In terms of financial resiliency, this has already been questioned by skeptics due to the amount of failed start-up carriers in the country that have occurred over the last few years.

The founder of Global Airlines, James Asquith, had this to say to the skeptics:

“Acquiring our aircraft rather than leasing showcases our commitment to financial security and resilience from day one.”

“The purchase of our first aircraft demonstrates that we are well on the way to launching Global.”

“The next step is to overhaul and refit the aircraft to our high specification, providing our customers with the best experience in the sky today.”

Looking ahead, it is going to be interesting to see what other announcements they have in store over the short term.

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