Glasgow Airport’s Special Visitor is Enroute

Oman Air Boeing 737 MAX is heading to Glasgow.
Photo Credit: Boeing.

LONDON – A special visitor for Glasgow Airport is currently en route: An Oman Air Boeing 737 MAX on delivery from Boeing Field.

The newest Boeing 737 MAX from Oman Air, A4O-MM, is currently on its way to Glasgow as part of a stop-over before the aircraft continues onwards to Muscat at the time of writing (2132 UK time).

Oman Air Boeing 737 MAX is heading to Glasgow.
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From the screenshot provided by, WY20 is around two hours and four minutes into its flight and is expected to land in Glasgow at around 0400 UK time.

Oman Air, Glasgow & The 737 MAX…

Oman Air Boeing 737 MAX is heading to Glasgow.
Photo Credit: Boeing.

As per data from, A4O-MM is actually 3.2 years old, having held the test registrations of N1786B and N5573P previously.

This is because the aircraft has been held in storage, partly due to the grounding of the 737 MAX over the years.

With the aircraft re-certified already, this means that Boeing has to sort out its delayed backlog to customers such as Oman Air.

The last 737 MAX that the airline received was in April 2022 (A4O-ML), and it performed the same routing on delivery as A4O-MM is doing right now.

This will be the 12th Boeing 737 MAX delivery for Oman Air, which puts the airline halfway through its order of 25 aircraft.

At this time, it is unclear when the aircraft will depart from Glasgow, but as the crew will need rest, it could be sat there for a day or so before it continues onwards to Muscat.

This is a developing story.

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