GE and Cargolux announce 777X Freighter engine support deal

A Cargolux Boeing 777 freighter in flight.
Photo Credit: Cargolux

LONDON – Cargolux has announced that they will be partnering up together with GE Aerospace to maintain the engines of the future Boeing 777-8X freighters.

Partnership agreement

The partnership includes service for Cargolux’s GE9X engines, which are the powerhouse of the Boeing 777-8X. The multi-year agreement with GE TrueChoice helps Cargolux provide 2 spare engines.

The TrueChoice agreement has also been extended for the Boeing 747-8F.

In October of 2022, Cargolux announced the successor of the very iconic Boeing 747-400F, the Boeing 777-8X. They have ordered a fleet of 10 aircraft, which is set to replace the current 15 747-400Fs.

“Cargolux is committed to investing in fuel-efficient engines that emit significantly less CO2,” said Richard Forson, Cargolux President and CEO. “GE’s newest engine, the GE9X offers the latest technology which will help our airline enhance sustainability while increasing operational efficiency.”

“We are proud that Cargolux continues to choose GE Aerospace to power its modern, highly-efficient cargo fleet,” said Russell Stokes, President and CEO, Commercial Engines and Services for GE.

“Our focus remains to provide Cargolux with outstanding engines like the GE9X in terms of technology and performance, as well as world-class support.”

The GE9X is currently the strongest jet engine to have been made for commercial planes. Not only is it the strongest commercial jet engine so far, it’s also the quietest jet engine made (when comparing it to pounds of thrust per decibel).

At the same time, it also offers the lowest amount of NOx emissions in its class.

Cargolux was the launch customer for the GEnx-2B and became the first operator worldwide to fly one million hours with the engine. Compared to GE’s CF6 engine, the GEnx engine offers up to 15 percent better fuel efficiency.

Like all GE commercial engines, both the GE9X and GEnx are compatible with any approved blend of sustainable aviation fuel and normal jet kerosene.

The TrueChoice suite of engine maintenance offerings incorporates an array of GE capabilities and customizations across an engine’s lifecycle.

All TrueChoice offerings are underpinned by GE data and analytic capabilities and experience to help reduce maintenance burden and service disruptions for customers.


The close ties with both Cargolux and General Electric are not only one way for Cargolux to keep their engines in a good shape, but it will also contribute to cleaner air.

Keeping the engines in a good shape not only makes sure the engine run efficiently, any dirt and unwanted “feature” is going to be removed and instead a cleaner alternative will be used.

This counts for both the Boeing 777-8X and the 747-8F, albeit the contract is at the moment very useful for the 747-8F, as that’s currently the more important plane in terms of emissions.

That may change in the future as the airline is going to get rid of their older 747-400s and replace them with the much newer and more modern 777-8X.

What is very interesting about the 777-8X is that the load capacity is just as big, if not bigger than the Boeing 747-400F, making it a very suitable replacement plane for, Cargolux and also many other freighter airlines, if Boeing just sped up its production.

By Arash Abed 4 Min Read
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