GDAT Orders 50 Airbus H160 Helicopters

Photo Credit: Airbus
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On April 7, it has been announced by the French manufacturer, Airbus, that GDAT has signed for 50 Airbus H160 helicopters.

This article will look into the details surrounding this huge order for Airbus Helicopters and GDAT.

GDAT Orders 50 H160s

As part of the French President, Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China this week, GDAT, a large helicopter operator and lessor in China, has signed for 50 H160 helicopters.

This signing is a major step for the H160 as it is the largest single order of the type.

Upon delivery, these H160s will be utilized to support mainly China’s energy industry, supporting transportation needs for offshore oil and gas platforms, harbour piloting, and wind farms.

Not only this, but we should see the H160 operating throughout China supporting their emergency medical services.


At present, GDAT operates an all-Airbus helicopter fleet, of 26 aircraft, including H135s and H225s.

Executive Comments

Airbus Helicopters’ Chief Executive Officer, Bruno Even, has commented on this milestone announcement for the H160, saying, “We are honoured GDAT has decided to bolster their all-Airbus fleet of 26 helicopters with the addition of 50 H160 helicopters.”

“The H160 has been designed at the outset as a multi-mission helicopter and is, therefore, well suited to the multiple segments that lessors provide for.”

Adding to Even’s comments, Peter Jiang, Chairman of GDAT, says, “This contract is a great example of the importance of economic and trade cooperation between France and China.”

“The innovative H160 is the perfect addition to our fleet and will enable us to continue our success story on the Chinese market that began with our 21 H225 helicopters. We see a lot of potential for the H160 in China, in particular for the energy sector.”

About the H160

Since being introduced to the aviation industry back in 2015, the H160 has received excellent feedback from its unmatched versatility and operational capabilities.

The aircraft can fly up to speeds of 150 knots, has a 475 nautical mile / 879 kilometres range and a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 6,050 kilograms.

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