Gabon Government Acquires a Majority Stake in Afrijet

Close up of the engine of an Afrijet aircraft
Photo Credit: Afrijet

Gabon, through its holding company Fly Air Gabon Holding (FLAGH), has acquired a majority stake (56%) in domestic airline Afrijet. This strategic move strengthens Gabon’s national carrier and promotes air travel within the country and abroad.

Afrijet aims to expand its international reach by acquiring medium-haul aircraft, facilitating the development of new international routes.

The airline will also transition into a limited company with a Board of Directors and a Managing Director, streamlining its operations.

Plans For New National Carrier

The Gabonese government views this investment as a significant step for the country’s aviation sector. It demonstrates their commitment to economic development by making air travel more accessible, stimulating economic activity.

Improved national and international connectivity will benefit both Gabonese citizens and businesses through easier air travel connections.

The long-term vision includes potentially establishing Afrijet as a new national airline within three years. This would be a significant development for regional air travel in Africa.

Afrijet: A Potential Player in Regional Aviation

Prior to the Gabonese government’s investment, Afrijet primarily served domestic routes within Gabon.

This positioned them as a vital link for passengers and cargo traveling between Gabonese cities. However, their upcoming acquisition of medium-haul aircraft signals a significant shift in ambition.

By entering the medium-haul market, Afrijet has the potential to become a major player in regional West and Central African aviation.

The region is experiencing a surge in demand for air travel, driven by factors like economic growth and rising disposable incomes.

Afrijet’s strategic location in Gabon allows them to connect to major regional hubs like Lagos, Nigeria, and Abidjan, Ivory Coast. This could create a strong network for business and leisure travelers across the region.

Competition From Other Carriers

However, Afrijet will face competition from established regional carriers. Airlines like Ethiopian Airlines and Asky Airlines have a well-developed network and brand recognition.

To succeed, Afrijet will need to leverage its new government backing to invest in its fleet, expand its route network strategically, and offer competitive fares.

The success of Afrijet’s expansion will be closely watched. If they can navigate the competitive landscape effectively, they could become a key driver of regional economic integration and provide much-needed connectivity for West and Central Africa.

Additionally, establishing Afrijet as Ghana’s national airline within three years, as envisioned by the Gabonese government, would be a transformative development.

It would solidify Afrijet’s position as a major regional player and offer Ghana a strong platform to connect to the wider African continent.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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