From Toulouse to London: BA Welcomes 15th Airbus A350

From Toulouse to London: BA Welcomes 15th Airbus A350
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Earlier this week, British Airways welcomed its 15th Airbus A350-1000 to its fleet, following a completed delivery from Toulouse to London Heathrow.

From Toulouse to London with Love: BA Welcomes 15th Airbus A350 to the Fleet…

From Toulouse to London: BA Welcomes 15th Airbus A350
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G-XWBO, A350 #15 for British Airways, departed Toulouse on Wednesday at 2027 local and arrived at London Heathrow at 2046 local.

This jet is a direct purchase from the carrier, with some of the A350s in the fleet being on lease currently at London Heathrow.

As per data from, below is a list of all 15 A350s in the fleet based at London Heathrow:

  • G-XWBA – Delivered July 2019 – Leased.
  • G-XWBB – Delivered September 2019 – Leased.
  • G-XWBC – Delivered November 2019 – Leased.
  • G-XWBD – Delivered December 2019 – Leased.
  • G-XWBE – Delivered February 2020 – Leased.
  • G-XWBF – Delivered May 2020 – Leased.
  • G-XWBG – Delivered October 2020 – Direct purchase.
  • G-XWBH – Delivered December 2020 – Direct purchase.
  • G-XWBI – Delivered March 2022 – Direct purchase.
  • G-XWBJ – Delivered February 2022 – Leased.
  • G-XWBK – Delivered March 2022 – Direct purchase.
  • G-XWBL – Delivered April 2022 – Direct purchase.
  • G-XWBM – Delivered August 2022 – Direct purchase.
  • G-XWBN – Delivered June 2023 – Direct purchase.
  • G-XWBO – Delivered July 2023 – Direct purchase.


With 15 units now delivered, this means that there are only three more to go, following British Airways’ 2013 order for 18 A350-1000s from the Toulouse-based Airbus.

At this stage, it is unclear what the first revenue flight from London Heathrow will be for G-XWBO, but we will no doubt watch out for the aircraft when it performs its first commercial and revenue flight for the airline.

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