From Sydney to Abu Dhabi: Rex & Etihad Airways Partner Up

From Sydney to Abu Dhabi: Rex & Etihad Airways Partner Up
Photo Credit: Rex.

Sydney-based airline Rex has unveiled a new interlining agreement with Abu Dhabi-based carrier Etihad Airways this week.

The two sides have joined together to provide further connectivity and convenience on regional routes in Australia.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The Deal from Sydney & Abu Dhabi…

From Sydney to Abu Dhabi: Rex & Etihad Airways Partner Up
Photo Credit: Rex.

Commenting on the partnership with Abu Dhabi-based carrier Etihad Airways was Rex’s General Manager of Network Strategy, Warrick Lodge in Sydney:

“Partnering with a world-class airline like Etihad brings a new era of choice and connection for Rex passengers”.

“Passengers will be able to fly to either Sydney or Melbourne on Rex and thereafter connect
on Etihad to a further 72 destinations across the globe.”

“Etihad’s extensive international network includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the USA.”

“The entire journey, including Etihad and Rex connecting flights, can be booked under one
booking and passengers can enjoy the convenience of through-check baggage (where

Adding to this was Arik De, the Abu Dhabi carrier’s Chief Revenue & Commercial Officer:

“This exciting new partnership significantly expands connectivity options for Etihad guests, providing them with effortless access from our gateways in Sydney and Melbourne to pivotal destinations within the Rex network, including Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.”

“Equally, we are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Rex customers, enabling them to
seamlessly integrate into our expanding global network.”

What Does This Mean for Passengers?

From Sydney to Abu Dhabi: Rex & Etihad Airways Partner Up
Photo Credit: Rex.

Such an interlining agreement is a big deal for Sydney-based airline Rex.

This is because it gives them the opportunity to enhance passenger experience in onward connections with the Abu Dhabi-based carrier.

It also allows Etihad Airways to regionalise it’s indirect connections even further across Australia.

With this, for both sides, is more opportunity to capture revenue, and also boost passenger numbers either side.


Photo Credit: Rex.

In conclusion, this interlining partnership between Sydney-based Rex and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways is strong news for the sector.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on how this agreement performs, as well as whether there is scope to expand it.

This will place Rex further on the global map moving forward, which is what any airline seeks to achieve.

But for now, let’s see how the new agreement formulates and then make an assessment thereafter.

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