Flyr carried 1.6 million guests in 2022

LONDON – 2021 startup and low-cost carrier, Flyr, has been in deep water over the past months but has recently reported that they flew over 1.6 million guests throughout 2022.

1,600,000 guests in 2022…

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In a recent press release issued by Flyr, the company addresses the total passenger count for 2022, which for the full year counted to over 1.6 million, with an average load factor of 74%.

Flyr Chief Executive Officer, Brede Huser, thanked all guests and stated:-

“All of us at Flyr would like to thank every one of the 1.6 million guests who decided to travel with us in 2022 and wish you all welcome back onboard again for your next trip.”

“This is the company’s first full year of operations, where the first part of the year was heavily pressured by pandemic-related lockdowns, and the summer season with great demand and multiple full flights.”

“By autumn start, demand and desire for travel became greatly influenced by inflation and lower purchasing power. On the positive side, we are experiencing great response on our new years-sale, making us optimistic for the upcoming spring and summer season.”

Flyr experienced a load factor averaging at 74% for the entirety of 2022, and 73% for December of the same year. The statistics for December showed 52,400 guests despite operating with heavy restrictions since November.

The December load factor for Flyr has seen a major increase compared to 2021, where the load factor has increased by 26%, from the 47.1% compared to the same period of last year.

Flyr’s current state…

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As it has been publicly known, Flyr has not been on a steady stream without complications in the past months, but rather a hard bumpy path that they have survived going through for the time being.

A few months back, in late 2022, the carrier was struck with deep financial issues, leading the airline to collect emergency equity totaling 400+ mln NOK, which they failed to do.

However, the company was offered an alternative solution by professional investors which they decided to tag along with, and the carrier has since been operable, though with cost-cutting limitations, leaving their route network at a minimum.

On the decision day, Flyr announced an LOI with an undisclosed airline for the lease of one Boeing 737 aircraft, a move taken to generate a more positive cash flow.

Prior to that move, the airline saw the need to reduce operations heavily by November 1, also putting an estimated 50% of the company’s workers on leave from November to March.

Shortly after the emergency aid was in order, the ex. Flyr CEO Tonje Wiktrøm Frislid resigned, leaving the airline’s Chief Financial Officer, Brede Huser, to become the head of the airline with immediate effect.


With Flyr being a new carrier to the aviation market and in heavy competition with both Norwegian and SAS, the ever-growing numbers look promising for the times ahead, seeing the increase already experienced in the first full year of operations.

As mentioned, inflation and reduced purchasing power are relevant in these times as they are at a record high and a record low, thus leaving fewer people the possibility to travel and experience the world. However, Flyr still remains hopeful for the 2023 seasons that are waiting at the doorstep, with positive outcomes.

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