flynas sees stellar growth and record performance in 2023

A flynas aircraft on the tarmac in Jeddah.
Photo Credit: flynas

flynas, the leading low-cost airline in the Middle East, reported record results for its performance in 2023 compared to the previous year 2022.

The carrier reported a historic increase in the number of passengers to more than 11.1 million passengers, growing more than 28%.

Fleet Expansion Fuels Growth

2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in flynas’ performance, showcasing a historic increase in the number of passengers, surpassing 11.1 million and registering an impressive 28% growth compared to the preceding year.

A pivotal factor contributing to flynas’ success was its strategic expansion plan. In 2023 alone, the airline welcomed 19 new aircraft into its fleet, marking a substantial 35% increase.

Two new flynas Airbus A320neos parked together on the ramp.
Photo Credit: flynas


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With a fleet size now reaching 64 aircraft, flynas has solidified its position as a key player in the aviation industry.

This expansion facilitated the realization of its growth plan, epitomized by the inauguration of its fourth operations base at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah.

57 New Destinations

“We Connect the World to the Kingdom” is not merely a slogan but a mission that came to life as flynas introduced 57 new destinations across 10 countries in 2023.

This expansion wasn’t just about numbers; it was a strategic move to increase connectivity and establish flynas as a global player.

Simultaneously, seat capacity saw a substantial boost of 22% for both domestic and international flights.

A flynas Airbus in flight.
Photo Credit: flynas

flynas CEO Comments

Bander Almohanna, the CEO and Managing Director of flynas, expressed pride in the airline’s performance, attributing it to a robust business model, dedicated team efforts, and the efficacy of their strategic growth plan.

Almohanna emphasized their commitment to innovation, stating, “Our continued investments in fleet and destinations have propelled us to the top 4 LCC in the world and the best in the Middle East, according to the prestigious Skytrax classification.”

Flynas’ commitment to providing a distinctive travel experience was further reinforced by the introduction of innovative initiatives and products.

Almohanna highlighted the company’s dedication to integrating advanced solutions and technologies, shaping the passenger experience uniquely.

This aligns with flynas’ steady progression towards achieving its strategic goals and contributing to the objectives of the Pilgrims Experience Program (PEP) and the National Civil Aviation Strategy.

Expanding to New Markets

With their eyes set on the future, flynas is gearing up for further expansion into new markets.

Almohanna teased upcoming announcements in the first quarter of 2024, a testament to the airline’s commitment to staying ahead in an industry experiencing unprecedented development, driven by the prosperity of the Kingdom’s economy and the initiatives of Saudi Vision 2030.

Recognitions and Accolades

The success of flynas hasn’t gone unnoticed, garnering international acclaim through various awards.

Skytrax International honored flynas as the 4th Best LCC worldwide and the Best Low-cost Airline in the Middle East in 2023 for the sixth consecutive year.

Adding to the accolades, flynas secured the Best Low-cost Airline Award in the Middle East from the World Travel Awards for the ninth consecutive year.

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