Flynas Accepts 22 Saudi Candidates For Future Engineers Program

A group of 22 Saudi engineer candidates with a flynas aircraft.
Photo Credit: flynas

flynas, the leading low-cost carrier in the Middle East and the world, takes another significant step in fostering Saudi talent within the aviation sector.

The airline recently announced the acceptance of 22 Saudi candidates for the second cohort of its Future Engineers Program.

This initiative underscores flynas’ commitment to developing a robust national workforce in aircraft engineering and maintenance.

Future Engineers Program

The Future Engineers Program is a strategic move to localize key positions within flynas. By focusing on training and qualifying Saudi nationals, the program aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to excel as future aircraft maintenance and engineering professionals.

Furthermore, the program offers intensive, hands-on training opportunities based in Riyadh. The duration of the program varies depending on the candidate’s academic qualifications.

Those holding a Master’s degree in aeronautical science and engineering or aviation technology can expect a six-month program, while those with a Bachelor’s degree will participate for twelve months. Diploma holders will undergo a more comprehensive four-year program.

A flynas Airbus A320neo on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: flynas

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Participation in the Future Engineers Program is open to Saudi nationals holding a diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in aeronautical science and engineering or aviation technology.

Applicants with a General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) license relevant to the program receive priority consideration.

A Legacy of Empowering Saudi Youth

The Future Engineers Program is just one of several successful initiatives launched by flynas to cultivate a skilled Saudi workforce within the aviation industry.

The airline’s Future Pilots Program has demonstrably achieved its goal. The copilot positions at flynas are now 100% filled by Saudi nationals. flynas has also played a pioneering role in promoting gender equality within the Kingdom’s aviation sector.

Their Air Hospitality Program welcomed both Saudi men and women as flight attendants. This marked a significant step forward for female participation in this field.

By investing in the Future Engineers Program, flynas continues its demonstrated commitment. The measure supports Saudi youth and also shapes a bright future for the Kingdom’s aviation industry.

View of flynas A320neo on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: flynas

flynas Rising

Established in 2007, flynas has become a dominant force in the Middle Eastern aviation landscape. As the leading low-cost carrier in the region, the airline has redefined air travel affordability and accessibility for millions of passengers.

Their commitment to operational excellence and a growing fleet of modern aircraft is evident. This has positioned flynas as a preferred choice for budget-conscious travelers across the Middle East and beyond.

flynas’ impressive growth trajectory is undeniable. The airline boasts a continuously expanding network, connecting passengers to a wide range of domestic and international destinations.

Two new flynas Airbus A320neos parked together on the ramp.
Photo Credit: flynas

Their focus on customer satisfaction has been recognized by prestigious industry awards. This has further solidified their reputation as a leader in the low-cost carrier market.

flynas actively invests in fostering a highly skilled Saudi workforce within the aviation sector.

Programs like the Future Engineers Program represent a significant commitment to nurturing local talent. The program will empower Saudi youth to take on leadership roles within the industry.

By cultivating a strong national workforce, flynas ensures its long-term success. At the same time, it contributes to the overall economic development of the Kingdom.

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