flydubai signs service agreement with CFM for 222 LEAP-1B engines

Flydubai Boeing 737 MAX 8 photographed in flight.
Photo Credit: flydubai

flydubai, the Dubai-based carrier, and CFM International today announced a multi-year services agreement to cover 222 LEAP-1B engines for the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737-8/-9 aircraft. The service agreement will also cover spare engines.

The engines are set to power flydubai’s fleet of Boeing 737-8/-9, both in service and on order, marking a strategic move towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

A Fleet Overview

Flydubai currently boasts an efficient fleet comprising 80 Boeing 737 aircraft, including 30 Next-Generation Boeing 737-800, 47 Boeing 737 MAX 8, and 03 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft.

LEAP-1B Engines

At the core of flydubai’s success lies the reliability and durability of their LEAP-powered aircraft. Ghaith Al Ghaith, the Chief Executive Officer at flydubai, attests to the pivotal role these engines play in the airline’s success and operational efficiency.

The partnership with CFM International is a testament to their commitment to maintaining this high standard.

Multi-Year Services Agreement

The recently announced multi-year services agreement with CFM International covers not only the 222 LEAP-1B engines but also includes provisions for spare engines.


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This comprehensive agreement reflects the confidence flydubai places in the aftermarket maintenance support provided by CFM International, a partnership set to fuel the airline’s growth in the coming years.

Photo Credit: flydubai

Stakeholder Comments

Ghaith Al Ghaith, in expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlights how this agreement aligns with flydubai’s growth plans.

The CEO sees this as a strategic move that will bolster the airline’s capabilities as they welcome more aircraft into their expanding fleet.

Gaël Méheust, President & CEO of CFM International, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing that the agreement with flydubai strengthens their longstanding partnership.

The incorporation of the fuel-efficient LEAP engine into flydubai’s fleet promises reduced emissions, aligning with the global push for greener aviation practices.

The LEAP Engine Advantage

The LEAP engine family’s remarkable track record speaks volumes, accumulating over 40 million engine flight hours and 18 million flight cycles in commercial aviation history.

The LEAP-1B engine, in particular, has notched up over 14 million flight hours and 5.6 million cycles since entering service, underscoring its reliability and durability.

flydubai to Launch Dubai-Mombasa Flights
Photo Credit: flydubai.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact

CFM’s LEAP engine family is a game-changer in terms of fuel efficiency and environmental impact.

Delivering 15 to 20 percent better fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions compared to previous generation engines, it also offers a substantial reduction in noise, contributing to a more sustainable and passenger-friendly flying experience.

CO2 Savings

Since its entry into service in 2016, the LEAP engine has enabled customers to save more than 28 million tons of CO2, reinforcing its role in the aviation industry’s collective efforts towards a greener tomorrow.

About flydubai

From its home in Dubai, flydubai has created a network of more than 120 destinations served by a fleet of 80 aircraft.

Since commencing operations in June 2009, flydubai has been committed to removing barriers to travel, creating free flows of trade and tourism, and enhancing connectivity between different cultures across its ever-expanding network.

flydubai has marked its journey with a number of milestones:

An expanding network: Created a network of more than 120 destinations in 54 countries across Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Central and South-East Europe, the GCC and the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent.

Serving underserved markets: Opened more than 75 new routes that did not previously have direct air links to Dubai or were not served by a UAE national carrier from Dubai.

An efficient single fleet-type: Operates a single fleet-type of 80 Boeing 737 aircraft and includes: 30 Next-Generation Boeing 737-800, 47 Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 3 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft.

Enhancing connectivity: Carried more than 90 million passengers since it began operations in 2009.

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