FlyArystan Adds 17th Aircraft

The new FlyArystan Airbus A320 climbs after takeoff.
Photo Credit: Aviation Capital Group

Kazakhstan’s LCC (low-cost carrier), FlyArystan, has welcomed its 17th aircraft to its fleet, an Airbus A320neo.

This article will cover the details surrounding FlyArystan’s 17th fleet addition and its impact on the Kazakh aviation sector.

FlyArystan’s 17th Aircraft

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons FlyArystan Airbus A320; taken By YelenaSergiyenko – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Marking the carrier’s 6th Airbus A320neo, brand new direct from Airbus, their 17th member of the fleet joins their ever-growing network. All of their A320neos have a high-density seating configuration of 188 seats, helping to increase capacity on each flight and enabling low fares for FlyArystan.

FlyArystan is part of the Air Astana Group and has been pivotal to the Kazakh aviation sector, where since 2019, the carrier has helped to reduce fares across the country by 50% whilst simultaneously increasing the demand for air travel by over 300%. The company calls this the “FlyArystan effect”.

Executive Comments

Commenting on their newest fleet member, FlyArystan’s Managing Director, Adrian Hamilton-Manns, says, “FlyArystan pioneered the Low-Cost model in Kazakhstan and is proud that its actions have reduced the cost of travel so significantly that demand has tripled in Kazakhstan. Our approach is that people should pay for what they want, and we can prove this approach works. Naturally, low fares are very popular, so early booking is vital.”

“Since October of last year, when we received our first new Airbus A320 (named Leo), we have embarked on an aggressive expansion plan. We have grown the number of flights to over 90 daily flights and expanded into more international destinations.”

“FlyArystan is the largest domestic airline in Kazakhstan while our route network includes international routes to Georgia, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, UAE, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. The arrival of the 17th aircraft increases FlyArystan’s ability to enlarge our reach not only within Kazakhstan but also across Central Asia.”

“FlyArystan’s current fleet will grow by 1 more Airbus A320 by the end of 2023 when we will operate 18 aircraft.”

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By Jamie Clarke 3 Min Read
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