Fly91: India’s New Regional Airline Takes Flight

A Fly91 ATR aircraft parked on the ramp.
Photo Credit: Fly91

Fly91, a brand new regional airline based in Goa, is taking to the skies with a mission to bridge the gap in air connectivity for smaller cities and towns. This exciting development aligns perfectly with the Indian government’s commitment to improving regional air travel.

On 12 March 2024, Union Minister for Civil Aviation and Steel, Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, inaugurated Fly91.

The Minister flagged off its maiden flight between Manohar International Airport (MOPA), Goa and Agatti Islands, Lakshadweep.

Fly91: Newest Regional Carrier

This inauguration marks a new dawn for regional aviation in India, as highlighted by Shri Scindia himself.

He pointed out that under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership, six new regional airlines, including Fly91, have emerged in the past decade.

Fly91 specifically targets Tier 2 and Tier 3 destinations in India, places that previously lacked convenient air travel options.

This focus echoes the government’s UDAN scheme (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik), which aims to connect these very cities.

Fly91 utilizes ATR-72 airplanes, perfectly suited for shorter journeys between these smaller cities. With a capacity of around 70 passengers, these aircraft offer a comfortable travel experience for shorter hops.

Their initial services connect Goa with Bengaluru and Hyderabad, but that’s just the beginning.

Future Expansion Plans

Fly91 has ambitious plans for the future. They envision connecting up to 50 Indian cities within the next five years. To achieve this impressive goal, they plan to significantly expand their fleet to include 30-32 aircraft.

This growth will revolutionize air travel for millions of Indians in smaller towns and cities, providing them with easier access to new destinations and a faster way to get there.

Scheduled flights will commence effective from 18 March 2024. Initially, Fly91 will connect Goa with Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jalgaon, Agatti, Pune, and Nanded.

Photo Credits: Fly91

Flights from these major cities will also connect to Sindhudurg, Jalgaon, Nanded, and Goa in a phased manner.

These new connections will fulfil the demand for enhanced connectivity across the nation and increase accessibility of different regions.

This will not only enhance tourism but also promote trade and commerce and give strength to the government’s commitment to offering an affordable, on-time, safe, and hassle-free travel experience to the passengers.

The Rise of Regional Aviation in India

India’s skies are opening up like never before, especially for smaller cities and towns. A recent surge in regional aviation is making air travel more accessible for millions of Indians. This exciting development is being driven by a combination of factors:

  • New airlines: Fresh players like Fly91, a Goa-based regional carrier, are taking off with a focus on connecting Tier 2 and Tier 3 destinations. These airlines utilize smaller, efficient aircraft like ATR-72s, perfectly suited for shorter regional routes.
  • Government support: The Indian government’s UDAN scheme (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik) plays a crucial role by making regional routes financially viable for airlines. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in air connectivity and boost regional development.
  • Growing demand: With India’s booming economy and rising middle class, the demand for domestic air travel is skyrocketing. Regional aviation caters to this growing need for faster and more convenient travel options within the country.

The benefits of a robust regional aviation sector are multifaceted. Improved connectivity will not only boost tourism but also unlock trade and commerce opportunities in smaller cities.

This, in turn, strengthens the government’s commitment to providing affordable, reliable, and hassle-free air travel for all.

With ambitious plans to connect up to 50 cities and expand their fleets significantly, regional airlines like Fly91 are poised to revolutionize air travel in India.

The future looks bright for regional aviation, promising to connect the nation like never before.

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