Fly2Sky Support Air Serbia With A320 For Summer Season

Tailplane of an Air Serbia aircraft.
Photo Credit: Fly2Sky

Fly2Sky Airlines furthers its European presence as a charter solutions provider through a new ACMI agreement with Air Serbia.

The agreement centers around an ACMI lease. Fly2Sky will provide Air Serbia with an Airbus A320 (registration LZ-FSB) for operations throughout Europe and the Balkans.

The aircraft will be deployed during the peak summer season, starting in May and running until the end of October 2024.

The A320 will be stationed strategically in Belgrade, Serbia, allowing Air Serbia to conveniently connect passengers to various European and Balkan destinations.

“This partnership with Air Serbia fills us with excitement,” shared Aleksandrs Gusevs, CCO of Fly2Sky Airlines.

“It presents a fantastic opportunity to expand our European footprint while upholding our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient air travel solutions.”

A Fly2Sky Airbus A320 on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Fly2Sky

Understanding ACMI Charter Operations

ACMI, standing for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance, signifies a specific type of aircraft lease agreement within the aviation industry.

Under an ACMI arrangement, a lessor airline (Fly2Sky in this case) provides a lessee airline (Air Serbia) with a fully operational aircraft. This includes:

  • The aircraft itself: Fly2Sky supplies the Airbus A320, a popular single-aisle jet known for its efficiency and range.
  • A qualified flight crew: Fly2Sky ensures a team of pilots and other crew members are trained and certified to operate the Airbus A320 safely and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive maintenance: Fly2Sky takes full responsibility for maintaining the aircraft to the highest safety standards. This ensures smooth operation throughout the lease period.
  • Insurance coverage: Fly2Sky provides all necessary insurance for the aircraft, crew, and passengers during the lease.

Benefits of ACMI Operations

ACMI arrangements offer several advantages for airlines:

  • Flexibility: Airlines can quickly expand or adjust their capacity based on seasonal demands. It covers unforeseen circumstances, without the significant investment of purchasing new aircraft.
  • Reduced Risk: The lessor assumes responsibility for maintenance and insurance, minimizing risks for the lessee.
  • Faster Deployment: ACMI allows airlines to deploy additional aircraft rapidly, minimizing disruptions to their flight schedules.
An Air Serbia Airbus A320 landing.
N509FZ, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Air Serbia: A Leading Balkan Carrier

Air Serbia, established in 2013, is the national flag carrier of Serbia. Headquartered in Belgrade, the airline operates a network of passenger and cargo services across Europe and beyond.

With a modern fleet of Airbus and ATR aircraft, Air Serbia connects passengers to over 60 destinations in 34 countries.

Air Serbia plays a crucial role in connecting Serbia to the rest of the world, fostering tourism and economic growth.

The carrier commits to providing a comfortable and reliable travel experience, with a focus on Serbian hospitality and efficiency.


The short-term partnership between Fly2Sky and Air Serbia represents a strategic move for both airlines.

Fly2Sky gains valuable exposure in the European market, while Air Serbia benefits from the additional capacity and flexibility offered by the ACMI lease.

This collaboration ultimately benefits passengers by providing more flight options and enhanced connectivity across Europe and the Balkans during the peak summer travel season.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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