Fly2Sky Partners with Braathens Regional Airlines

A Fly2Sky jet approaches to land.
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ACMI wet-lease operator Fly2Sky has partnered up with Sweden’s Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA), in cooperation with Smart Aviation for European flights this summer season.

The company currently has two Airbus A319 aircraft, but capacity seems to remain high, thus the company is now resorting to leasing aircraft in order to operate chartered flights.

This year, Fly2Sky has seen a great amount of agreements with other European and Middle-Eastern carriers, as the post-Covid demand is evident and airlines are at a lack of equipment for their operations. Fly2Sky have because of this seen a hectic 2023 so far on the leasing front.

The agreement

Having started now in May, the agreement between the two companies is set to last through October. Fly2Sky will operate flights on behalf of Braathens Regional Airlines from Luleå, Northern Sweden, to various holiday destinations throughout Europe.

Fly2Sky will in this agreement provide Braathens Regional Airlines with one Airbus A320-200 aircraft, registered LZ-FSA. So far this year, the airframe has been operative on behalf of airBaltic, as the company entered an agreement with airBaltic earlier this year.

On the agreement, CCO of Fly2Sky, Aleksandrs Gusevs, said:”We are thrilled to be partnering with Braathens Regional Airlines for this summer.”

“This partnership will allow us to offer our customers more options for travel in Europe while maintaining our commitment to exceptional service and providing our customers with the required capacity”


Fly2Sky’s latest agreement

This becomes the latest agreement so far this year for Fly2Sky, and in late April, the company entered an agreement with TUI Belgium, a leading charter operator.

With the provision of one Airbus A320 aircraft in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, TUI Belgium will see crew and maintenance services included in the initial agreement which is set to last from April 15 until the middle of June this summer.

“We are excited to operate for TUI in Belgium” said Fly2Sky Chief Commercial Officer, Aleksandrs Gusevs to which he added: “This is a testament to our ability to provide flexible and efficient aviation solutions whilst not compromising on our highest levels of safety, quality and reliability.”

Fly2Sky currently has a strong ongoing commitment for its European market expansion, something this latest agreement partakes in supporting.

Fly2Sky has previously seen operating for major carriers in the EU, such as Norwegian, TAP Air Portugal and airBaltic. The company also offers a range of solutions for customers on a global basis.


The wet-lease ACMI market appears to be seeing quite the traffic this year, and Fly2Sky in particular. The ACMI market of course serves the customers needs, in this case being airplanes to keep up with the post-Covid travel demand that the operators are currently seeing.

This is making it an attractive solution to a relevant issue.

With Braathens Regional Airlines having multiple agreements to operate on behalf of charter operators this summer, equipment is needed, and so far only two of four Airbus A319 aircraft they are awaiting, has entered service. This makes their leasing agreement even more reasonable.

By Adrian Olstad 4 Min Read
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