Fly2Sky Firms ACMI Agreement with Air Algérie

A Fly2Sky Airbus A320 on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Fly2Sky

Fly2Sky Airlines, a global ACMI charter specialist operator, has firmed a new agreement with the Algerian national carrier Air Algérie.

Through a new ACMI agreement with Air Algérie and AVICO SAS, Fly2Sky further strengthens its connections in key markets.

Airbus A320 LZ-FSA

This partnership marks the latest contract for Fly2Sky. The first flight under this agreement took off on April 16th, operated by a Fly2Sky Airbus A320 (registration LZ-FSA).

This flight sees a new collaboration between the two airlines. The aircraft, stationed in Algiers, will play a critical role in supporting summer travel for passengers flying to popular destinations in France, Turkey, and beyond.

“We are delighted to embark on this partnership with Air Algérie,” said Aleksandrs, Chief Commercial Officer of Fly2Sky Airlines.

“This collaboration further reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional service and enhanced connectivity for our passengers.”

A Fly2Sky jet approaches to land.
Photo Credit: Adrian Olstad/AviationSource

Aleksandrs continued, “The ACMI agreement highlights the strengths of our modern fleet and underscores our dedication to adapting to the ever-changing needs of the aviation industry.”

The contract between Fly2Sky Airlines and Air Algérie is in effect from April to October 2024. This partnership furthers Fly2Sky’s drive to fostering strong alliances and leverage growth within the aviation sector.

Air Algérie: Algeria’s National Carrier

Air Algérie, also known as Algeria Airlines, is the national airline of Algeria. Established in 1962, it operates a network of scheduled passenger flights connecting Algeria to various destinations across the globe.

Air Algérie serves as a vital link, transporting passengers to and from Algeria for business, leisure, and visiting loved ones. As the national carrier, it plays a significant role in the country’s economy and tourism industry.

The airline boasts a fleet of modern aircraft and operates out of its main hub, Houari Boumediene Airport in Algiers.

With a focus on providing a comfortable and convenient travel experience, the airline offers a range of services to cater to the needs of its passengers.

Air Algerie Airbus with landing gear down.
Mark Harkin, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

ACMI Explained

The agreement between Fly2Sky Airlines and Air Algérie is an example of an ACMI charter. ACMI stands for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance. This type of agreement allows airlines to collaborate in a flexible way.

Here’s how it works:

  • The lessor (Fly2Sky): Provides an aircraft, along with a fully trained crew, maintenance for the duration of the contract, and insurance coverage.
  • The lessee (Air Algérie): Takes responsibility for the flight operation itself, including marketing the flights, selling tickets, and managing ground handling (fueling, catering, etc.) at airports.

ACMI charters offer several benefits:

  • Airlines can adjust capacity quickly: Airlines can utilize ACMI to meet seasonal demands or cover for unexpected situations like grounded aircraft due to maintenance.
  • Reduced risk for new routes: Airlines can test new routes with minimal investment by using ACMI instead of committing to purchasing new aircraft or setting up their own operations in a new region.
  • More efficient fleet utilization: Airlines with surplus aircraft can generate revenue by leasing them out under ACMI agreements.

Overall, ACMI charters are a valuable tool for airlines to adapt to changing market conditions and expand their network offerings.

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