Flight Cancellations in the USA Spike Significantly

Flight Cancellations in the USA Spike Significantly: Cirium
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As per data from Cirium‘s On-Time Performance Report for June 2023, flight cancellations in the USA have increased by triple-digits.

The report goes into detail about not just the North American country, but also about what is going on in Europe and the rest of the globe.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the key highlights…

USA is The Worst Performer: Triple-Digit Rise in Cancellations…

Flight Cancellations in the USA Spike Significantly: Cirium


The report from Cirium highlights that flights in the USA have experienced a triple-digit rise in cancellations compared to the month previous.

Such a figure is 188% higher than in May 2023, which highlights a lot of disruption that has occurred over the last four weeks.

Europe is in a lot better position for this, although their figure for cancellations have risen by 37% compared to May 2023.

This amounted to 10,402 flights being cancelled, and it being up from 7,600 respectively.

The Most Punctual Carriers…

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With the figure from the USA in mind, it comes as no surprise also that not a single carrier had made it into the accolade of most punctual carrier for June 2023.

Globally, Avianca was named the most punctual airline in June, with 86.61% of flights arriving at their destination on-time.

The second spot was highly contested, with LATAM Airlines securing an 86.54% punctuality score, just head of Qatar Airways which took third place with 85%.

ANA and Saudia took fourth and fifth spot, with 84.29% and 84.11% respectively. No UK airline featured in the top 10 of most punctual European carriers.

With all of the freak events happening in the USA causing these cancellations, airlines in the region need to work harder to ensure that the 188% rise drops down to a more reasonable figure, especially as the rest of the Summer goes on, that’s for sure.

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