Flight Cancellations in Europe Rise 65%: Cirium

Flight Cancellations in Europe Rise 65%: Cirium
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

According to a report from aviation analytics firm Cirium, flight cancellations in Europe have risen 65%, based on data from March 2023.

Based on the Global On-Time Performance Report that the company puts out every month, numbers are beginning to rise as we go deeper into the Summer season.

Without further ado, let’s get into the numbers…

Flight Cancellations in Europe Increased by 65%…

Flight Cancellations in Europe Rise 65%: Cirium
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

Cirium reports that in March 2023, 14,405 flights were canceled within Europe, which is up from 8,713 recorded in February 2023.

No UK airline was featured in the Top 10 of the most punctual carriers within Europe.

Austrian Airlines was named the most punctual carrier, with 88.62% of flights arriving on time, with LOT Polish Airlines coming close second at 88.32%.

Airlines such as ITA Airways, Finnair, and Iberia also made the top five, with the carrier not being as affected by flight cancellations within Europe, with punctual service on over 80% of flights.

Could France Be Causing More Cancellations in Europe?

Photo Credit: Emil Bree/AviationSource

With flight cancellations in Europe rising, could one of the factors be down to the ongoing ATC strike situation in France?

Earlier this month, Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair kicked up a stink about the hypocrisy of the industrial action.

The Irish low-cost carrier, especially the CEO Michael O’Leary, has applied more pressure on the European Commission in a bid for overflights to be protected by this action.

O’Leary also mentioned that over 1,000 flights were impacted by some form of delay over the course of the strike action.

In the video below, this is what CEO O’Leary had to say about the action:

Video Credit: Ryanair.

Such cancellations have resulted in Ryanair starting a petition calling on the EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen to “protect overflights and keep EU skies open during ATC strikes”.


Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

It remains clear that the number of flight cancellations in Europe is on the rise and will probably be expected as more flights are operated during the busy Summer 2023 season.

With some external factors causing these cancellations, it is in the interest of the airline industry to ensure that cancellations are kept to a minimum.

Otherwise, compensation will have to be paid out, which will thin out profit margins.

All eyes will be on the industry this Summer to see whether cancellations will continue to be an item on the agenda for the rest of the season.

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