First Flight to Vienna: Brussels Airlines’ First Airbus A320neo

First Flight to Vienna: Brussels Airlines' First Airbus A320neo
Photo Credit: Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines completed it’s first Airbus A320neo flight this week, with Vienna being the lucky destination to receive the new aircraft type.

SN2905 was operated by OO-SBA which was delivered to the carrier on November 1, as per data from It has taken nearly six weeks for the airline to operate this aircraft commercially.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

First Flight to Vienna: Brussels Airlines’ First Airbus A320neo…

First Flight to Vienna: Brussels Airlines' First Airbus A320neo
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Brussels Airlines flight SN2905 departed the capital at 1552 local time and proceeded eastbound to Vienna, where it landed at 1702 local time on December 12.

On taking so long to get the aircraft commercially flying, the airline said the following on this:

“Maintenance and Engineering had to perform the last trims and finishes to the aircraft, and today was the very first commercial flight of the plane.”

Speaking about the first Airbus A320neo flight with Brussels Airlines to Vienna, the carrier said the following also:

“This is a historic moment for Brussels Airlines, as this is not only the first A320neo, but also the very first brand-new aircraft delivered to the airline in its history.”

“Brussels Airlines has ambitious fleet renewal plans, with four more A320neo’s scheduled to join the fleet in the coming months.”

“The Airbus A320neo is an important part of the sustainability strategy at Brussels Airlines. It produces up to 20% less CO2-emissions and up to 50% less noise.”

“A more quiet aircraft also enhances the passenger experience on board, together with a flexible lighting system and 40% larger overhead bins for luggage.”

All eyes will be on how this aircraft performs for the carrier.

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