First Airbus A321XLR For Iberia Spotted in Hamburg

An Airbus A321XLR in flight
Photo Credit: Airbus.

This week, the first Airbus A321XLR for Iberia has been spotted in Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport.

Such developments come following the European planemaker getting aircraft ready for suspected launch customer, IAG.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The First A321XLR for Iberia…

First Airbus A321XLR For Iberia Spotted in Hamburg
Photo Credit: Airbus.

@Tobias_Gudat, a spotter at Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport, managed to get a photo of the first Iberia Airbus A321XLR.

Dubbed MSN11504, the aircraft has been fully built, with engines and other interior yet to be fitted.

This is the overall development of the order made by International Airlines Group (IAG) back in June 2019 for 14 Airbus A321XLRs.

Of the 14, eight are destined to go to Iberia, with the other six being for Irish carrier Aer Lingus.

The Aer Lingus Equation…

First Airbus A321XLR For Iberia Spotted in Hamburg
Photo Credit: Airbus.

With the Iberia Airbus A321XLR seen built and painted by tail only, it is throwing questions in the air into who the launch customer will be.

Two months ago, Aer Lingus was confirmed to be the launch customer for the upcoming Airbus A321XLR.

However, as per ch-aviation, it is understood that this may not be the case if a pay agreement with it’s pilots are not reached.

If the agreements aren’t reached, then this will open up the door to Iberia being the launch customer.


Photo Credit: Airbus.

In conclusion, this is an exciting development for Airbus as they get A321XLRs ready for commercial service.

Such certification is expected by year-end and is subject to change.

For Iberia, it will be interesting to see if they become the launch customer instead of Aer Lingus.

But for now, all eyes will be on delivery day to see which airline at IAG gets their hands on the aircraft first.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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