Firefly Unveils New Cabin Atmosphere

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LONDON – On January 19, 2023, a Malaysian company called Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), unveiled a new cabin experience on its largest jet, the Boeing 737-800.

Their Boeing 737-800’s are going to be retrofitted with the new unique slim line, and lightweight upholstered leather seats, which will enhance cabin aesthetics and ambiance for guests upon boarding the aircraft.

These seats are standard on next-generation airliners but will certainly push a progressive agenda for Firefly.

The seats are lightweight and will significantly increase passenger comfort, whilst also lowering the aircraft’s weight, which means a slight decrease in operational cost. One more reason to fly with Firefly!

Slowly Debuting…

These seats will replace the older 189 economy seats installed on every 737 in Firefly’s fleet, and the total number of seats per aircraft remains the same.

The newly refreshed cabins are now available only on selected routes from the airline’s hub at Penang International Airport. For instance, to popular destinations including Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Johor Bharu, Langkawi, Phuket, and Banda Aceh.

Over time, their entire Boeing 737-800 fleet, which is at present four aircraft, will be retrofitted with the new seats.

Comfort in mind…

These seats are designed to cater to the comfort and ergonomic needs of passengers, and also with sustainability in mind. The new ergonomic seats will feature greater pitch in terms of both width and legroom, where the seat pitch will be 30 inches and has recline dimensions of 4 inches.

The seat materials consist of lightweight upholstered leather, which will contribute to less fuel burn thus lowering the carbon footprint per seat.

Moreover, the seats are also packed with the latest seat tech, including a personal smartphone or tablet device holder, and USB type A and C power outlets for passengers to stay tuned and connected throughout any of Firefly’s services.

Firefly’s Seats aren’t the only highlight!

Not only the newly installed seats and cabin design will enhance the traveler experience, but Firefly never fails to tailor to their client’s needs, including having various add-on options for in-flight meals, baggage allowance, travel protection, and many more. These will certainly uplift the airline to becoming Malaysia’s preferred carrier.

Firefly Playing Catching up? Or is it the new standard?

These ‘newly’ designed seats are not new, but many airlines, including Malaysian Airlines, have adopted the design. Certainly, this brings Firefly into the same level playing field as Malaysian Airlines, but it does not outshine any carriers.

With that being said the airline is making significant improvements, and will certainly lure more customers to fly with them amidst growing competition from Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines, and the latest player MyAirlines.


Firefly, a regional airline from Malaysia usually operated out of Subang Skypark Airport, Kuala Lumpur’s secondary airport using the ATR 72-500. The flagship fleet of Boeing 737-800s is based on its new hub at Penang International Airport.

Flights out of Subang are usually flown to destinations within Peninsula Malaysia and the popular destination of Seletar in Singapore.

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