Finnair Turns 100 This Year

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LONDON – This year, Finnair, the national airline of Finland, will celebrate its 100th anniversary on November 1, 2023.

As one of the oldest airlines in Europe, Finnair has seen a lot over the past century: from being a small regional carrier with few routes to becoming an international powerhouse of air travel and hospitality. 

In this piece will explore the journey that the Finnish carrier has made over the course of its history, as well as what’s in store for its future.

Read on to learn more about how this Finnish icon became a leader in aviation and what exciting things await it in the coming years.

A Brief History of Finnair…

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Finnair has a long and storied history, dating back to 1923 when it was founded as an aviation company named Aero.

The airline has since gone through many changes, including becoming a national carrier as well as joining the Oneworld alliance in September 1999.

Today, Finnair is a modern and progressive airline that offers a unique Finnish experience to its passengers.

The airline flies to over 100 destinations around the world, with a strong focus on Asia.

Finnair has been consistently ranked as one of the safest airlines in the world and is committed to sustainable development.

Finnair’s Milestones…

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Finnair is turning 100 this year and to celebrate, we’re looking back at some of the airline’s most important milestones.

The very first flight of Aero took off to Tallinn from Helsinki in 1924, carrying on mail on its first service. The service was flown by their first-ever aircraft, the German-built Junkers F13.

In 1960, Aero became the first small airline to operate jet services with the new Sud Aviation Caravelle.

Along come 1968, when the airline revealed its new logo and the renaming of Aero to Finnair become official.

In 1976, the career started its expansion into Asia by launching direct services to Bangkok in Thailand.

Finnair was also the first airline to operate the McDonell Douglas MD-11, taking delivery of the first back in 1990, and the airline continued to operate the aircraft until 2010.

In 2002, the carrier launched its Helsinki to Hong Kong service, as well as increased its Bangkok flight frequency to a daily service.

With nearly 100 years of experience, Finnair is one of the most experienced airlines in the world and has played an important role in connecting Finland to the world throughout its vast history.

Celebrating Finnair’s 100th Anniversary…

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To celebrate Finnair’s 100th anniversary, the airline is set to offer a number of special deals and activities for customers.

Finnair will also host a series of events throughout the year to celebrate its anniversary. These events will include special guest speakers, Finnair-themed films, as well as opportunities for customers to win prizes.


Finnair’s centenary is something to be celebrated, not just in Finland but around the world. This flight legacy has been a part of our culture and history for 100 years now and will continue to bring travelers from all over the world together.

Finnair’s commitment to customer service, safety, and innovation has made them one of the top airlines in Europe and allowed them to evolve with time.

As Finnair continues into its next century, we can only expect more great advances from this beloved airline!

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