Finnair Appoints New CEO To Replace Topi Manner

Finnair Appoints New CEO To Replace Topi Manner
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

Finnair has this week appointed their new CEO to replace outgoing leader Topi Manner, as the changes in leadership continues at the airline.

The Chief Operating Officer, Jaakko Schildt, will remain CEO from January 15 up to July 11 as the interim whilst they wait for the new CEO, Turkka Kuusisto to join the business.

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Finnair Appoints New CEO To Replace Topi Manner…

Finnair Appoints New CEO To Replace Topi Manner
Photo Credit: Arash Abed/AviationSource
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Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, Chair of the Board of Directors, Finnair, had this to say on the appointment of Kuusisto to the business:

”I am happy to welcome Turkka Kuusisto to take the helm of Finnair and drive the next phases of Finnair’s strategy.”

“Finnair has restored its profitability after the historic double crisis, and the company is well positioned to continue to build a sustainable future, offering excellent connections via its Helsinki hub to both Finns and to customers traveling between Europe and Asia, the Middle East, and Americas”.

Adding to this was Kuusisto, who is ready and excited to take on the new role at the airline:

”Finnair embodies to me Finnish spirit and global connections, and it has a long and unique heritage as a 100-year old airline.”

“I am excited and humble to take on the role of CEO in this iconic company. Working side by side with all Finnair colleagues and carefully listening to our customers, I trust our joint journey will be a successful one”.

All eyes will be on July 2024 when Kuusisto takes the new role as Finnair CEO, replacing Topi Manner who leaves in a few days time.

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