FedEx Panda Express Departs Washington DC for China

FedEx Panda Express Departs Washington DC for China
Photo Credit: FedEx

A FedEx Boeing 777 Freighter is currently operating the Panda Express as the aircraft departed from Washington DC bound for China a few hours ago.

FedEx Panda Express Departs Washington DC for China…

FedEx Panda Express Departs Washington DC for China
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FedEx flight FX9758 departed from Washington Dulles at 1251 local time and is enroute to China via a stopover in Anchorage.

Today’s flight is being operated by N886FD, one of the airline’s Boeing 777 Freighters.

As per data from, N886FD is a 11.2 year old airframe which was delivered to the airline back in August 2012.

In November 2023, the aircraft was painted into the Panda Express livery ahead of today’s delivery of Panda bears back to China from the Washington Zoo in DC.

Three pandas are onboard the FedEx Boeing 777, being Tian Tian, who is 26 years old, Mei Xiang, who is 25 and three year old cub Xiao Qi Ji.

The three are making a nineteen-hour trip to China where they will be headed to the Wildlife Conservation Association in Chengdu.

Within Washington DC, giant pandas have been a beloved fixture at the Zoo since the 1970s, with the Zoo’s National Director Brandie Smith saying the following on this:

“It’s a moment of joy because this is one more step in 50 years of a successful giant panda conservation program, and hopefully the beginning of 50 more years”.

“Please know the future is bright for [them]. We remain committed to our program, and we look forward to celebrating with all of you when pandas can return to D.C.”

We wish Tian Tian, Mei Xiang and Xiao Qi Ji best wishes for their trip to China onboard the FedEx Panda Express from Washington DC.

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