Ex-Iran Boeing 747 Flown to the United States from Buenos Aires

Ex-Iran Boeing 747 Flown to the United States from Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: Hensley Garcia via Planespotters.net.

A Boeing 747 under the Emtrasur Cargo name that used to belong to Mahan Air of Iran has been flown to the United States from Buenos Aires following sanction and enforcement action.

This comes following the Argentinian Government grounding the aircraft at the airport at the request of the Americans.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Ex-Iran Boeing 747 Flown to the United States from Buenos Aires…

Ex-Iran Boeing 747 Flown to the United States from Buenos Aires
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YV3531 is the Boeing 747 in question that was handed over to the United States from Buenos Aires via a flight down to Miami.

As per data from Planespotters.net, YV3531 is a 38.1 year old Boeing 747-300 that originally started out life with Air France back in December 1992.

In August 2007, the aircraft was handed over to Mahan Air of Iran where it remained with the carrier until February 2022, when the jet was handed over to Emtrasur Cargo of Venezuela.

Emtrasur Cargo didn’t have the aircraft very long when the aircraft was impounded in Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires back in June 2022.

Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division had this to say on the completed enforcement action:

“The seized American-built aircraft was transferred by a sanctioned Iranian airline in a transaction that violated U.S. export control laws and directly benefited the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is a designated terrorist organization”.

“The Justice Department is committed to ensuring that the full force of U.S. laws deny hostile state actors the means to engage in malign activities that threaten our national security.”

Assistant Secretary of Export Enforcement’s Matthew S. Axelrod added to this saying the following:

“Mahan Air – known to ferry weapons and fighters for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hizballah – violated our export restrictions by selling this airplane to a Venezuelan cargo airline.”

“Now, it’s property of the United States government”.

“This seized airplane’s arrival in the United States is a powerful example of our unceasing efforts to prevent Iran and its proxies from leveraging and profiting from U.S. technology.”

All eyes on what comes next following this.

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