Eurowings Summer 2024 to see more than 440 routes

A Eurowings Airbus takes off.
Photo Credit: Eurowings.

Eurowings takes the lead with its promising 2024 summer flight schedule. Boasting more than 440 routes for the first time, Germany’s largest leisure airline is set to make “More Europe for everyone” a reality.

This comprehensive expansion sees Eurowings connecting travelers to over 150 destinations across 39 countries.

Whether you’re yearning for a sun-soaked beach holiday, planning a cultural escapade in major European cities, or gearing up for crucial business meetings, Eurowings has tailored its flights to cater to every travel occasion in 2024.


Eurowings’ Berlin base is gearing up to be a pivotal hub, offering a total of 32 direct destinations. Noteworthy additions include:

  • Vienna (Austria) and Zurich (Switzerland): Elevating connectivity with eleven weekly flights each.
  • Erbil (Iraq) and Tivat (Montenegro): Two flights to Erbil and one each to Tivat, opening up new horizons.
  • Mallorca Magic: With approximately 21 weekly flights, Mallorca remains a prime destination for Berlin travelers.


Düsseldorf’s prominence in Eurowings’ network is evident with a total of 112 direct destinations. New routes include:

  • Florence (Italy): A cultural haven with three weekly flights.
  • Marrakesh (Morocco) and Tel Aviv (Israel): Offering two flights each, providing diverse travel options.
  • Mallorca Momentum: With up to 64 weekly flights, Düsseldorf ensures easy access to the sun-soaked island.


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Eurowings from Hamburg presents a bouquet of options with 60 direct destinations. New connections feature:

  • Manchester (England) and Jerez de la Frontera (Spain): Four and two weekly flights, respectively.
  • Zakynthos (Greece) and Erbil (Iraq): Embracing new horizons with one and two weekly flights.
  • Mallorca: A Constant Companion: Up to 42 weekly flights to this ever-popular destination.
A Eurowings Airbus parked at sunset.
Photo Credit: Eurowings


Hanover’s focus on Italy is evident with 14 direct destinations. Standout additions include:

  • Rome, Catania, and Naples: Offering a strong Italian connection with multiple weekly flights.
  • Málaga (Spain) and Faro (Portugal): Adding a touch of Iberian allure with four and two weekly flights, respectively.
  • Mallorca’s Warm Embrace: Up to 18 weekly flights connecting Hanover to this Mediterranean gem.


Cologne expands its reach with 71 direct destinations. New connections include:

  • Chișinău (Moldova) and Santiago de Compostela (Spain): A bi-weekly flight to each, adding diversity to Cologne’s offerings.
  • Mallorca Magic: Up to 47 weekly flights ensure Cologne residents have ample options for their Spanish getaways.


Nuremberg’s seven direct destinations now feature a Greek focus:

  • Heraklion (Crete) and Rhodes: Three and two weekly flights, respectively, offering a Greek escape.
  • Mallorca Calling: Up to 14 weekly flights for those seeking the Balearic beauty.


Stuttgart adds to its repertoire with 73 direct destinations. New connections include:

  • Edinburgh (Scotland) and Manchester (England): Three weekly flights each, offering a taste of the British Isles.
  • Reykjavík (Iceland): A Nordic adventure with one weekly flight.
  • Mallorca Beckons: With up to 42 weekly flights, Stuttgart residents are never far from this Mediterranean gem.

Beyond Germany

Eurowings’ commitment to providing more extends beyond German borders. Passengers from Prague and Stockholm also benefit from new connections:

  • Prague: New destinations include Nice, Tallinn, and Valencia.
  • Stockholm: Salzburg and Beirut join the list of exciting new additions.
  • Palma de Mallorca: Now linked to Erfurt, expanding connections within Spain.

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