Eurowings Discover rebrands as Discover Airlines

Render of Discover Airlines aircraft in flight.
Image Credit: Discover Airlines

Lufthansa Group’s Frankfurt-based leisure airline has just unveiled its new brand identity – Eurowings Discover is now called Discover Airlines. 

As a Lufthansa subsidiary, the airline originally launched in the middle of the pandemic under the brand umbrella of sister company Eurowings. 

In the last two years the carrier has bedded in and established itself. Since July 2021, it has been fully integrated as a quality holiday airline into the two hubs of Frankfurt and Munich. As of September 5, 2023, passengers can expect to see a new look.

Aircraft exterior and interior livery

The first A320 was repainted on September 5th and is now on commercial operations. Over the next few months, new fleet arrivals which have previously only received partial paint, or are due for a standard refresher paint, will be repainted progressively in the new livery.

Cabin interiors currently still remain in Eurowings Discover livery. Due to longer lead times in production, the cabins of the aircraft and the airline’s onboard product will be seen in the new Discover Airlines look from December 1st, 2023. 


For reasons of sustainability, disposable items are first completely used up and then reordered in the new design.

Seat belts, cushions, headrests and many other elements will be customized in the new “Skylines” colors to create a harmonious overall picture. 

Despite the independence of the new design, the connection to the core Lufthansa brand is subtly indicated by elements such as the dark blue and the word mark in Lufthansa font.

About the new livery

Fittingly for an airline, the new paint scheme is inspired by the view of the horizon. It depicts the different lines and shades of color which occur when the blue of the sky meets the landscape. 

These “skylines” are the new brand’s most important design element and consist of different shades of blue and a bright yellow. 

The ‘Discover’ lettering in lowercase letters with a dot remains as a wordmark. It has been an integral part of the brand identity since the beginning and is recognizable. Now it is supplemented by the word ‘Airlines’. 

 This is also reflected in the repainting of the carrier’s aircraft, which can now be admired in the sky from the first week of September. Then the first Airbus A320 with the new design will land in Frankfurt


Despite the name change, the official IATA code for Discover Airlines will remain as 4Y in the future.

For those concerned about existing bookings, the airline has assured that all current bookings remain valid. Eurowings Discover flight tickets automatically become Discover Airlines flight tickets. In effect, nothing changes for existing passengers.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
3 Min Read
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