Europe’s new airline Flyvbird partners with Sweden’s Norrköping Airport

Aerial view across Norrköping Airport Sweden.
Photo Credit: Norrköping Airport

Futuristic German start-up, Flyvbird, also known as flyv, has recently announced a new strategic partnership with Norrköping Airport, located in Sweden, 135km southwest of the capital, Stockholm.

This new partnership marks a big step forward for flyv as they continue to work towards delivering low-cost, on-demand regional air services in the near future.

On-demand regional airline

Sweden will be the second addition, after Germany, to introduce the new innovative flyv model of “on-demand regional air services”.

FlyVBird plans to initially operate these services operating a fleet of 4 Italian built Tecnam Traveller P2012s. The aircraft are branded as “lower cost” and green with “reduced emissions.”

However, the airline has aspirations to grow its fleet to up to “50-plus low-cost and reduced-emissions aircraft” all within the “next decade”.

flyv has also signed a Letter of Intent with Eviation in the US to take on 25 green all-electric Alice aircraft.

Anton Lutz, the CEO of flyv, stated his excitement regarding this collaboration. He mentioned, “As we roll out flyv, it is vitally important to have supportive airport partners who can help us position and market our services, and help us attract investors.”


He went on to say, “We have been speaking with the airport (Norrköping) since the summer and they are completely on board with our philosophy.”

Svante Swärd Rudström, the Business Development Manager at Norrköping Airport also shared his thoughts, saying, “flyv offers a revolutionary approach to sustainable, on-demand regional air mobility and we’re thrilled to be embarking on this partnership with them.”

Supporting rural connectivity

Norrköping Airport is actively exploring various sustainable initiatives and partnerships to become a global carbon-free airport leader.

The Swedish Airport is currently working on an on-site solar installation project and is even looking into opportunities to produce “green hydrogen”.

Flyv’s primary vision and aim is based on “enhancing connectivity” in rural areas of Europe. This recent partnership with Norrköping Airport is a major step towards making that vision a reality.

Through this partnership, both flyv and Norrköping are hoping to create a more sustainable and accessible future in the regional air travel market.

The airline has outlined plans to utilize smaller, more accessible airports such as Norrköping. Passengers will use an “app-based system” – similar to Uber.

FlyvBird hopes that on-demand air taxi services will equip passengers with greater flexibility and efficiency as well as competitive fares.  

Under its own Air Operators Certificate (AOC), flyv plans on starting operations within a “core network within Europe” starting initially with Germany as well as Sweden with airports such as Norrköping. The airline is planning to kickstart operations at the end of 2024.

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By Lewis Dwyer 3 Min Read
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