Etihad Cargo & SF Airlines to connect mega hubs

Render of an Etihad Cargo and SF Airlines cargo aircraft.
Image Credit: Etihad Airways

On April 17, Etihad Cargo and SF Airlines signed a comprehensive agreement to further connect their respective hubs through flight operations.

The agreement will greatly increase Etihad Cargo’s cargo capacity and will also be expanding its network reach into 25 domestic destinations within the Chinese market.

SF Airlines will greatly benefit from Etihad Cargo’s global network of destinations , further expanding SF Airlines’ global presence.

The agreement

Etihad Airways‘ cargo arm, Etihad Cargo, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China’s SF Airlines, further reinforcing its commitment to the Chinese market.

The result of the MoU will be both carriers operating flights via their respective fleets to each others hubs in April; further enabling Etihad Cargo to expand into China via SF Airline’s extensive domestic Chinese network.

The new partnership between the two companies will provide the customers of Etihad Cargo with an even greater connectivity to 25 domestic Chinese destinations via SF Airlines’ road feeder service trucking network. This will benefit in enhancing Etihad Cargo’s capabilities within the region.

Photo Credit: MarcelX42, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Etihad Cargo commenced an additional service to Shanghai in February this year, which increased the total number of flights per week to eight.

The Memorandum of Understanding becomes the latest step by Etihad Cargo to increase their operations and presence in China.

In line with the partnership, Etihad Cargo will operate a Boeing 777-F with services due to commence on 28 April this year.

Etihad Cargo currently serves a five-aircraft Boeing 777-F fleet which they utilize in general global cargo operations.


Martin Drew, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Cargo at Etihad Airways commented on the parternship, saying: “Etihad Cargo is committed to establishing partnerships that add value to customers across the supply chain.”

“Strengthening the connection between Abu Dhabi and and one of SF Airlines’ major Chinese hubs will enable Etihad Cargo’s customers to benefit from SF Airlines’ exhaustive distribution capabilities in China, and SF Airlines will reap the benefits of Etihad Cargo’s global network for its express product.”

“Etihad Cargo is committed to the country’s ambitious growth vision, and this partnership supports the further development of Abu Dhabi as a major logistics and express hub for the region.”

An Etihad Cargo Boeing 777 freighter flies overhead.
Photo Credit: Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Chairman of SF Airlines, Li Sheng also commented on the partnership, saying: “Etihad Cargo is an industry-leading company, with a competitive cargo network from Abu Dhabi to the world.”

“SF Airlines is excited the two companies can work together to connect hubs and strength the network of both airlines.”

“SF Airlines is looking forward to this cooperation, which will offer good value to customers and enable them to develop their international business with more convenient and diversified global transportation options.”


Etihad Cargo appears to be all-in on the expansion of their global presence, and the same goes for SF Airlines. In this case, the latter will benefit greatly from Etihad Cargo’s numerous destinations, thus also increasing their global presence as well.

Etihad Cargo has previously expanded the network into China, as the carrier back in December of last year initiated flights to Abu Dhabi from Shanghai via Chennai.

Overall, this is an agreement which will benefit both parties, and will likely not be the worst of partnerships.

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