Etihad Airways Launches Interline Partnerships With 5 Airlines

Render of Etihad Airways tailplane with 5 airline partners tailplanes.
Image Credit: Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is offering travelers even more options with the announcement of five new reciprocal interline partnerships.

These agreements further strengthen Etihad’s global network, providing passengers with seamless connections and a wider range of destinations.

The new partnerships include Kam Air (Afghanistan), SKY Express (Greece), Rex Airlines (Australia), Jeju Air (South Korea), and Myanmar Airways International.

This collaboration allows travelers to book their entire journey on a single ticket, with baggage checked through to their final destination.

“We are committed to expanding our network and offering our guests a smooth travel experience,” said Arik De, Etihad’s Chief Revenue and Commercial Officer.

“These new interline agreements benefit passengers of all airlines involved, by providing them with a wider variety of travel options and seamless connections across our combined network.”

Etihad Airways Welcomes Three Boeing 787 Dreamliners
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Interline Partnerships

The new partnerships unlock exciting travel possibilities for Etihad passengers:

  • Afghanistan: Connect from Abu Dhabi to Kabul with Kam Air.
  • Greece and the Mediterranean: Enjoy onward travel to 28 destinations in Greece and the Mediterranean islands with SKY Express after your Etihad flight to Athens.
  • Australia: Rex Airlines offers effortless connections from Etihad’s Sydney and Melbourne gateways to 22 destinations within Australia, including popular spots like Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.
  • Northeast Asia: Fly with Jeju Air from Seoul to explore 27 destinations across seven countries in Northeast Asia after your Etihad flight.
  • Myanmar: Gain easier access to Yangon and Mandalay through Etihad’s South Asian gateways with Myanmar Airways International.

Interline vs. Codeshare Agreements

While both interline and codeshare agreements aim to enhance passenger travel experiences, there are key differences in their level of collaboration:

Interline Agreements

These are simpler arrangements where airlines agree to connect passengers traveling on itineraries that involve multiple airlines.

This allows passengers to book their entire journey on a single ticket and have their baggage checked through to their final destination, even if they switch airlines mid-trip. However, the airlines involved maintain separate branding and flight codes.

Etihas Airways pilots perform a walkaround on an Airbus A380.
Photo Credit: Etihad

Codeshare Agreements

This is a deeper level of partnership than the interline agreement. Essentially, one airline (marketing carrier) places its flight code on another airline’s operated flight.

So, you might see an Etihad code on a Kam Air flight from Abu Dhabi to Kabul. Passengers see the marketing carrier’s code on their ticket and might believe they’re flying with that airline, even though the operating carrier’s aircraft is used.

Codeshare agreements often involve a closer operational cooperation. This involves collaboration on flight schedules, frequent flyer programs, and other aspects.

In essence, an interline agreement is a basic cooperation to facilitate connections. A codeshare agreement signifies a more extensive partnership with shared branding and potentially closer operational ties.


With these additions, Etihad boasts an impressive network of 123 interline, codeshare, and strategic partnerships with airlines worldwide. This extensive network offers travelers unparalleled connectivity and a wider choice of destinations.

The expanded interline options are available to book now on all Etihad sales channels. This includes the Etihad website and via travel agents.

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