Etihad Airways and Maldivian enter interline partnership

Render of tailplanes of Etihad Airways and Maldivian jets together.
Image Credit: Etihad Airways

UAE national carrier Etihad Airways and Maldivian, the flag carrier of the Maldives, have moved to form a strategic bilateral interline partnership.

This collaboration promises an opportunity for travelers to explore 16 holiday destinations in the Maldives beyond the bustling main island of Malé.

Travel Across the Indian Ocean

The agreement forged between Etihad and Maldivian signifies more than just a collaboration; it’s a key to unlocking a seamless travel experience across the Indian Ocean archipelago.

Travelers can now relish the combined services and networks of both carriers on a single ticket, making their journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Etihad’s Chief Revenue Officer, Arik De, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This interline will elevate the overall customer experience across the entire journey.”

“Guests bound for the Maldives will enjoy the privilege of arriving at their popular holiday destinations with greater ease.”

Smooth Transitions for Island Retreats

With smooth connections from Malé, Etihad customers can effortlessly transition to Maldivian’s services, gaining access to a plethora of domestic destinations, kickstarting their idyllic island retreat.


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Maldivian’s General Manager Commercial, Ibrahim Hamdhan Mohamed, highlighted the global expansion aspect, saying:

“In an effort to expand Maldivian’s reach globally, this interline partnership with Etihad Airways will open exciting opportunities for our valued customers to connect and travel seamlessly within our strong and growing route network of destinations across the Maldives.”

Travel via Velana International Airport

Etihad customers can now explore various popular islands in the Maldivian network via Velana International Airport, Malé.

These include Dharavandhoo Island, Faresmathoda Airport, Funadhoo Airport, Fuvahmulak Island Airport, Gan Island Airport, Kooddoo Island, Hanimaadhoo Island Airport, Kulhudhuffushi Airport, Hoarafushi Airport, Kaadedhdhoo Island Airport, Kadhdhoo Island, Madivaru Airport, Maafaru International Airport, Maavarulu Airport, Thimarafushi Airport, and Ifuru.

Increased Flight Frequency

To further enhance the travel experience, Etihad is set to increase the frequency of its flights to Malé from 10 to 14 a week starting on January 1, 2024.

This move aims to ensure better synchronization with the Maldivian network, providing travelers with more flexibility in planning their dream vacations.

Abu Dhabi Stopovers

Beyond just connecting destinations, this interline agreement makes it even more enticing for customers to combine their dream break in the Maldives with an exciting stopover in Abu Dhabi.

This allows them to savor the legendary hospitality and remarkable attractions of the UAE’s capital, adding an extra layer of excitement to their travel itinerary.


This collaboration with Maldivian becomes the latest in Etihad’s expanding network of partnerships with airlines worldwide.

As the current calendar year comes to a close, the UAE carrier has also moved to further strengthen its decade long bond with China Eastern Airlines; extending the scope of their current agreement.

These strategic alliances aim to deliver enhanced connectivity and convenience for its guests, further positioning Etihad as a preferred choice for travelers seeking a greater options and flexibility.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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