Ethiopian Airlines Receives 20th Airbus A350

Ethiopian Airlines Receives 20th Airbus A350
Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource
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On April 28, Ethiopian Airlines received its 20th Airbus A350-900, registered as ET-AZN.

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ET-AZN departed Toulouse on April 28 at 2139 local time and headed all of the way down to Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Airlines’ base.

The 20 Airbus A350s for Ethiopian Airlines…

Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

As per data from, here is a list of the 20 Airbus A350-900s in question that Ethiopian Airlines operate:

  • ET-ATQ – Delivered June 2016.
  • ET-ATR – Delivered August 2016.
  • ET-ATY – Delivered January 2017.
  • ET-AUA – Delivered April 2017.
  • ET-AUB – Delivered June 2017.
  • ET-AUC – Delivered October 2017.
  • ET-AVB – Delivered February 2018.
  • ET-AVC – Delivered April 2018.
  • ET-AVD – Delivered May 2018.
  • ET-AVE – Delivered December 2018.
  • ET-AWM – Delivered April 2019.
  • ET-AWN – Delivered May 2019.
  • ET-AWO – Delivered October 2019.
  • ET-AWP – Delivered December 2019.
  • ET-AYB – Delivered November 2020.
  • ET-AYA – Delivered November 2020.
  • ET-AYM – Delivered December 2021.
  • ET-AYN – Delivered December 2021.
  • ET-AZI – Delivered November 2022.
  • ET-AZN – Delivered April 2023.

All of the Airbus A350s in the Ethiopian Airlines fleet sit 30 passengers in Business Class and 318 in standard Economy, offering a total of 348 passengers in a two-class layout.

Two More -900s Left to Go…

Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

As per the current orderbook, Ethiopian Airlines is set to receive two more Airbus A350-900 aircraft before that side of the order is completed.

Once those deliveries are completed, then the carrier will receive four units of the -1000 variant, following an alteration to its A350 order made back in July 2022.

This is what the CEO Mesfin Tasew had to say on the order alteration back in July 2022:

“We are delighted over the upsizing of the A350-900 on order to the largest variant, A350-1000, that helps us stay ahead of the curve in technology.”

“We are the technology leaders in the continent introducing the latest technology and fuel-efficient fleet into Africa.”

“The A350-1000 is the best fit for our dense routes, and we believe that the upsizing will be instrumental in satisfying the increasing demand of customers in our vast global network across five continents.”

“We will continue to keep ourselves abreast of aviation technology advancements to enhance our service and fulfill customers’ demand.”

All eyes will now be on Ethiopian Airlines to see what other new routes will be launched as more A350s are received in due course.

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