Emirates to Launch Madagascar via Seychelles Service

An Emirates Boeing 777 in flight.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Emirates is launching a new route to Madagascar, starting September 3rd, 2024.

This new service will operate four times weekly via a linked service with the Seychelles. It will be instrumental in boosting tourism and business opportunities in Madagascar.

Flight Scheduling Dubai- Antananarivo

The four times weekly service) will operate between Dubai (DXB) and Antananarivo (TNR) with a convenient stopover in the Seychelles.

Flight times are strategically planned to offer optimal connections to various destinations across Europe, the Far East, West Asia, and the Middle East/GCC.

The outbound flight, EK707, departs Dubai for the Seychelles at 8:55 AM, arriving at 1:35 PM. It then continues its journey to Antananarivo, landing at 4:50 PM.

The return flight, EK708, takes off from Antananarivo at 6:35 PM, arrives in the Seychelles at 10:20 PM. It then departs for Dubai at 11:50 PM, landing the next day at 4:20 AM. Flights will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Travelers seeking a double dose of paradise can conveniently fly between the Seychelles and Madagascar on the same service.

Madagascar, Antananarivo. Sunset over the city.

Boosting Madagascar’s Tourism Industry

Tourism is a cornerstone of Madagascar’s economy, generating employment opportunities and supporting the country’s goal of attracting one million tourists by 2028.

Emirates’ new route will connect Madagascar to over 140 destinations within its network. This supports the Ministry of Tourism’s strategy to diversify target markets and showcase the island’s natural wonders to a global audience.

Emirates is also exploring partnerships with Air Madagascar to create further global connectivity, fostering tourism and trade.

Executive Statements

Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer, emphasizes Madagascar’s potential for ecotourism. He highlighted the positive impact this new route will have on the island’s connectivity and business opportunities.

He also acknowledges the collaborative efforts with the Malagasy government in establishing this route.

H.E Manambahoaka Valéry Ramonjavelo, Madagascar’s Minister of Transports and Meteorology, celebrates this agreement as a significant step forward for tourism and trade between the two countries.

He highlights the potential it represents to the country in terms of increased global exposure and new business avenues.

Baobab Trees at Sunset (UNESCO World Heritage site), Madagascar

Madagascar: Natural Wonders

As the world’s fourth-largest island, Madagascar boasts breathtaking landscapes, from pristine beaches and turquoise waters to lush rainforests, national parks, and unique geological formations. This “Treasure Island” also houses three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Madagascar is a haven for unique biodiversity, with 5% of the planet’s plant and animal species found only here. The country embraces ecotourism, allowing visitors to experience this natural abundance while respecting the environment.

Thrill-seekers can also embark on hiking, trekking, or quad biking adventures, while water enthusiasts can enjoy kitesurfing, scuba diving, or whale watching.

Nature lovers will be captivated by Lemur’s Park, showcasing diverse wildlife, while foodies can relish the island’s traditional cuisine.

Riik@mctr, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Strengthening Bilateral Ties: Beyond Tourism

The UAE and Madagascar have fostered a growing bilateral relationship across various sectors, including trade and logistics.

Emirates SkyCargo, the airline’s cargo arm, will play a crucial role in supporting this growth by facilitating exports through its Dubai hub to key markets worldwide.

With the rise of Malagasy businesses venturing into the global market, Emirates SkyCargo offers 22 tonnes of weekly bellyhold cargo capacity.

This efficiently transports essential commodities like fresh produce, vanilla, textiles, and mining products.

Aboard the Boeing 777-300ER

The Dubai-Antananarivo route will be served by the Boeing 777-300ER, offering unparalleled comfort with 8 First Class suites, 42 Business Class seats, and 310 Economy Class seats.

Passengers can indulge in regionally inspired gourmet meals, a vast selection of beverages, and over 6,500 channels of entertainment on Emirates’ award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice.

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