Emirates SkyCargo and Air Canada Cargo sign partnership agreement

Render of an Air Canada Cargo and Emirates SkyCargo aircraft flying together.
Image Credit: Emirates

LONDON – Emirates SkyCargo and Air Canada Cargo have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to mutually strengthen their respective airfreight networks worldwide.

The MoU, which further builds on the airlines’ strategic commercial partnership announced last year, was signed at Emirates Headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

Officiating the two airlines were Nabil Sultan, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo and Matthieu Casey, Managing Director Commercial, Air Canada Cargo.

The terms of the agreement

Under the terms of the MoU, Emirates SkyCargo and Air Canada Cargo will work closely on a number of initiatives, which include expanding cargo interline options and block space agreements, pending any required regulatory approvals.

These enhancements aim to offer freight customers of both airlines access to more capacity on a larger combined global network.

Emirates SkyCargo will have access to over 60 cities in Canada and more than 150 cities across five continents through Air Canada Cargo. This accesses a fleet of Boeing 767 freighters and includes the belly-hold capacity of Air Canada’s scheduled passenger flights.

In return, Air Canada Cargo will have access to SkyCargo’s high frequency distribution network through the belly-hold of Emirates scheduled passenger flights to over 140 global destinations.

In addition, the Canadian operation benefits from the extra capacity offered by 11 freighters currently in the Emirates fleet.

Unique cargo expertise

Both airlines bring particular experience in handling unique cargo, such as oil and gas drilling equipment, car parts and pharmaceuticals on their dedicated fleet of freighters or passenger aircraft.

“Emirates SkyCargo is committed to being a leading player in the global air cargo industry providing our customers with the highest standards of products and services.”

“Cooperating with Air Canada Cargo will offer our clients’ added value through more rapid reach to new destinations in Canada via our Toronto and US gateways,” said Nabil Sultan, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo.

“We are thrilled to be further strengthening our cargo relationship with Emirates SkyCargo. This agreement enables both carriers to work more closely to optimize our respective freighter and belly capacity throughout each of our extensive and complementing global networks.”

“Customers will benefit from these additional synergies by having access to an even greater array of options, destinations and streamlined handling when shipping globally,” said Matthieu Casey, Managing Director, Commercial, at Air Canada Cargo.

Since announcing their strategic partnership in 2022, Emirates and Air Canada have implemented a passenger codeshare agreement that spans 46 destinations across North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

About Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo is the airfreight division of Emirates. Through its state-of-the-art hub in Dubai, Emirates SkyCargo transports cargo to over 140 destinations across a global network spanning six continents.

The air cargo carrier offers customers cargo capacity on its modern fleet of all wide-body Boeing 777, Airbus A380 aircraft and 11 dedicated B777-F freighters. 

About Air Canada Cargo

Air Canada Cargo is the airfreight division for Canadian national flag carrier Air Canada. It provides direct cargo services to over 150 Canadian, U.S. transborder and international destinations and has sales representation in over 50 countries.

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